Monday, February 25, 2008

Death Note Movie Review: L change the World

The chocolate I got after buying the movie ticket. Still can't bear to eat it yet....

Watched the movie on sat and I think the movie is quite enjoyable and worth the watch even if you’re not a Death Note fan or even if you have not watched the previous 2 movies before.

The story is about how L spent his 23days before his death.


I think the plot is not that interesting and even abit dull compared to the previous movies as Death Note is supposed to be an intelligent story, filled with twists and suspense and interesting battle of the wits between the characters. However what we get this time in the movie is nothing about battle of intelligence or exciting and unpredictable moves by the characters. Without the intelligent Kira in this movie to match up to the wit of L, L seems less intelligent and the story become abit lame. *Spolier* For example I don’t understand why would L just sit back and do nothing when the little girl injected the virus into her own body. When I was watching that scene, I was full of anticipation for L to press some keys on his high tech system to prevent the girl from injecting the virus. But none of it happened. Instead, only L chose to appear and played hero to save the girl from the enemies after she injected the virus into her body. Well I guess they have to let the girl inject the virus into her body to drive the plot for the movie. If she didn’t inject the virus into her body, there will be no storyline for the movie and the movie won’t be made in the first place. The plot just became dull and normal like what you will expect from other ‘hero save the day’ movie. L become less mysterious and more humane in the story as we get to see another side of him for example how he interact with others etc.

However, despite the dull plot, the movie is still an enjoyable one with the focus on the character of L. We get to see much more of L and understand more about him in this movie as compared to the previous 2 Death Note movies. Kenichi Matsuyama continued his good job in his portrayal of L in this movie. L's cute and funny antics in the movie served as a good comedy relief for the audience. He amuses us with the way he walk, the way he sit, the way he reacts, the way he held items etc. I can’t help but just find L so loveable and adorable. *Spoiler* I like the part where L tried to stand up straight and walk. He looked like an idiot when he was trying to walk with his back straight (but a cute one of course). The way they showed the scene where he straightened his back was really hilarious.

So kudos to Kenichi Matsuyama for bringing live to L and I must applaud him for his impressive performance as L. He made this movie possible.

To sum it up, you really should go and catch this movie if you’re a Death Note or L fan (Duh!) , but if you’re not a Death Note fan, this movie is worth the watch as well. I think you’ll end up falling for L and can’t help but think he’s cute. For those who have watched this movie (but not the previous 2 Death Note movie) and think that this movie is good, you really got to watch the 2 previous movies. I can assure you the plot of the previous 2 Death Note movie is much much better and you’ll be impressed by it.

Advice: If you are planning to watch the movie, stay till the end of the credits!!! There's a scene after the credits but I missed it! argh. So stay after the credits to catch that scene!

Found this on Youtube. (credit calimerokei for the clips)

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