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[News][05.02.08]Edison Sex Scandal

Star apologizes to six artistes in 1,300 racy internet photos
Source: http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=12&art_id=61190&sid=17445450&con_type=1

Singer and actor Edison Chen Koon- hei, embroiled in an internet porn scandal, yesterday apologized to those who may have been affected by the posting of compromising nude photographs - and called on the public not to further circulate such pictures to allow the victims to heal their wounds.
For the first time in the scandal, which purportedly involves Hong Kong pop and movie stars, Chen also confirmed he was assisting the police with their inquiries into the case. Chen's apology, which was contained in a video released by his lawyer, came as police said they had uncovered more than 1,300 pictures involving six women, two of whom had yet to be identified.
In the video, Chen said he was "hurt, pained and perplexed" that a number of people's lives had been affected.
He urged internet users not to transfer the pictures anymore so as to help those affected heal their wounds. He said he had been cooperating with police since the saga erupted but that he could not comment further since there was now the possibility the case could end up in court.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Vincent Wong Fook-chuen said the source of the pictures had been traced. But he would not confirm reports they had been taken from Chen's computer.
"The source of the case has been found. We believe very much that [it was] because of [someone taking his] computer for repairs and that others had, via illegal means, taken out the [obscene] information," he said.
He added whether the pictures were authentic or not is now the focus of police investigation.
The 23-year-old man arrested in Central last Saturday will be charged with the dishonest use of computers with criminal intent, which has a maximum penalty of five years' jail. The man will appear in Eastern Court today.
Wong said of the six women found in the photographs, two were not known to them - but he was certain that no overseas artistes were involved. None of the women were named.
People who had only transferred the obscene picture files to friends had not violated the law, but those who transferred them to the public - for example via internet web pages - were breaking the law, said Wong.
He said there were three clauses relating to the possession of obscene material that constitute a violation of the law, namely: publishing obscene material; possession for publishing; and inserting obscene material for publishing. He also maintained the police had not used excessive manpower as the whole case had been handled by 19 men from the Commercial Crime Bureau.
He said those unhappy with the eight-week detention of the first person detained in the case, 29-year-old Chung Yik-tin, can appeal through normal procedures.
Wong said it may not be necessary for all those affected in the case to appear in court in the future, though the police will contact the six women "if there is a chance to do so."
Wong urged anyone whose nude pictures had been posted on the internet to report to the police.
"In my 20-plus years as a policeman, I have not come across such an issue," Wong said in response to questions as to why police had not acted against other obscene photos circulating on the internet.
Another news source http://www.stuff.co.nz/4388381a1860.html

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Well, he had finally come forward to say something about the incident.But it seems like he was reading from a script provided by his manager/lawyer....
The article mentioned that " police said they had uncovered more than 1,300 pictures ".
That's quite alot isn't it? Well, Edison Chen had a bad boy image all the while and he kinda looks like a player type, but the girls who he took the photos with will certainly have their image tarnished. Celebrities involved in the scandal which I know of include Gillian Chung from Twins, Cecilia Cheung and Bobo. The police had already confirmed that those pictures are not photoshopped, so the career of the celebs will definitely be affected by it....

Gillian has a pure, innocent and squeaky clean image all the while, so I think her image would be totally tarnished after this incident. Wonder how she's gonna cope with this since its been confirmed by the police that those photos are not photoshopped. Hope she won't get too depressed about this incident since there's remour that she attempted suicide....

Cecilia had always been know as a wild girl, so I guess it won't affect her career as much as it will affect Gillian. But she's afterall a mother with a child now, so its kinda bad for her child... Imagine how would the child react when he/she grow up and know of the incident.

Whenever things like this happen, it alway gotta be the girl who are more pitiful. But I think that its now solely Edison's responsibility that such a thing happened. The person who put the pictures on the web should be the one at fault. If he didn't post it on the web and spread the pictures without caring about the feelings and consequences of his actions, then the images would be circulated.... Besides that, Edison Chen is at fault as well. But apart from Edison Chen, it is also the fault of the female celebrities too. Even though they seems to be the victim of the incident, isn't Edison Chen also the victim as well? Of course he didn't want such a thing to happen. So both Edison Chen and the female celebrities shouldn't have taken the picture in the first place. Edison should have been more careful and the female celebrities should have protected themselves and not let anyone just take naked pictures of them.... Now that the incident had already taken place, there's nothing much that they can do about it.

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