Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[Drama] Down with Love 就想赖着你

Finished watching Taiwanese Drama, Down with Love. I thought the plot was quite typical. Not much surprises and the flow of the story was quite predictable. Halfway through, things started to get rather draggy and slightly boring.... I would say the thing which will probably attract viewers to watch the drama is perhaps the actors/actresses. Firstly, the lead actor is Jerry Yan. I think he's good looking and there's a kind of masculine charm about him. The female lead is Ella Chen from S.H.E. I'm not especially fond of her acting actually, but there's definitely quite a number of S.H.E fans out there, so with the 2 leads, the drama will bond to draw viewership.
Actually the male actors in the drama are all quite good looking, even the minor characters.
I think the boyfriend of Ella's best friend is cute. Also, the lawyer who like Ella's sister is cute as well. Yeah, so there's definitely no lack of eye-candies in the drama.

Another thing that I would mention is that the cute little boy who acted in Autumn Concerto is in this drama as well. Yeah, he's still so adorable here.

Yeah, so watch the drama if you're die-hard fans of the 2 leads or if you just want to look at some cute guys. Just don't have too high expectations for the plot.