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[Translation] SNSD YG Magazine 363

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SNSD- 9 individuals; 1 heart. Creating the current rise of girl groups!

It is actually not an easy task for a group to be united as one to achieve a common dream, much more; there are 9 members in total in SNSD. But they are not defeated by any obstacles or difficulties they faced.  Their future is still filled with a lot of uncertainties, but the 9 of them have already made up their mind to create a generation of their own and at the same time, they have actually started the current rise of girl groups!

Successfully Enlightened members!
The word “enlightened” can be in 2 forms/types. One is enlightened with a positive connotation attached to it, while the other form is a leaping type of change, but it can still be consider a type of enlightenment!That particular chosen member is actually … their dismay (?)!

The one often known as the “Ice Princess” is none other than Jessica! This is a well-known fact and when they just debuted, that was what people often called her back then! But starting from don’t know when, the Ice Princess, Jessica melted automatically.  It will still be better if she didn’t melt as the members cannot accept the melted Ice Princess!However the other members didn’t dare to tell her that. It was only during an accidental opportunity in a radio interview that SNSD gets to say “actually they can’t stand the Jessica who keeps behaving in an unexpected manner!” HyoYeon added that, “Especially when she is in a good mood. You know…. Since she’s in such a good mood, how would I dare to mention it to her~” The Jessica who became more lively after being enlightened should be a good thing, but the fact that the members could not accept it puts Jessica on the spot!

Being the Maknae of SNSD and the one who is always known as the ‘role model’ of SNSD by her onnies, it has been public’s knowledge that SeoHyun is the “prim and proper/serious” type! Prim and Proper/serious here refers to the fact that regardless of what she does, it will always be the right thing to do; for example she has never ruin her own image and always continues to do what she believes in. If she feels that she is not performing as well as her onnies, she will keep on practicing on her own until she meets her own expectations! SeoHyun also persisted in going to school without any complains that it is tiring to juggle work with school as she remains committed to her beliefs that “Being an idol doesn’t mean that the person has no substance/depth”. In order to prove this point, she persisted in continuing her studies! The “prim and proper” SeoHyun still remains, but just that after becoming the “sweet potato couple” in WGM2, we have to admit that the Maknae we know has really changed! Not only does she now know how to get along with boys, she even took the huge initiative to hold YongHwa’s hands~ Also, she no longer shuns away from having skinship with “Husband Yoong”. In contrast to the awkwardness between YongHwa and her and how she kept her distance in the beginning, the SeoHyun now is much more open and cheerful!

The plain members!
To put it simple, it means that ….. there is not much change! (At this time, millions of Sones must be getting ready to hurl anything they can at me…) Don’t get agitated, there are reasons why I say they are plain!

When SNSD debuted, Tiffany and Yoona were the member that the public recognizes first and their popularity were really high then! Only that as time goes by, just like what Tiffany said before, “Popularity is like season!” meaning that popularity changes just like the season.  Tiffany’s position in SNSD stays the same; she didn’t deteriorate but she didn’t especially stand out either. The levels of her dancing and singing skills are still kept at standard! And she’s still the group’s most important eye-smile in-charge and the irreplaceable 2nd main lead singer. Besides, Tiffany is also the group’s “manager” who always monitors/supervises the members’ activities. For eg. during their promotion period for their 3rd mini album , Tiffany accidentally hurt her ligament and had to stop her activities and stay at home to recuperate. But the Tiffany that rested at home wasn’t idle either. Not only did she try hard to recuperate her legs, she also monitors SNSD’s news and every single thing on the members!

It is not an overstatement if we use the phrase “everything is just nice” to describe Yoona. Maybe we can account this to her Gemini personality as Gemini knows a little of everything right? Yoona has that exact trait! Dancing wise, Yoona is not the best one in the group, but no matter which group’s dance or any type of dance, Yoona seems to be able to manage and grasp them very well! SNSD’s dance teacher also said before that Yoona is always able to look cool when dancing to male dance routines! In variety, Yoona is definitely ranked below TaeYeon, SooYoung, Sunny and Yuri, as she’ll always break out into laughter when she does impersonation. Tiffany also mentioned before that Yoona needs to have members with her for her variety skills to be good. It seems like there won’t be much “laughing effect” if we ask Yoona to do something funny alone by herself! Singing is definitely not her strongest point too; moreover, Yoona has always been unconfident of her own singing. There was once during a solo interview where the producer asked Yoona to sing a small part, and even though she didn’t reject it, her lack of confidence already betrayed her. But compared to not being able to carry a tune, actually what Yoona lacks is the confidence in singing. At least the Solo CF song she sang for the cosmetic brand which she endorsed wasn’t that bad at all!

The members who became stronger through time and ordeals!
It has already been 4 years since SNSD debuted and during these 4 years, each of them grew up and improved! They still have a long way to go and it is perfectly normal to be faced with setbacks; the following members definitely have the quality of growing stronger through ordeals/difficulties!

Without failure, there’s no success. TaeYeon isn’t born with that perfect vocal of hers. Actually when they just debuted, although TaeYeon has always been known to be the one with the best vocal in SNSD, but at that time TaeYeon’s singing ability wasn’t at the peak yet.  Whether it is dancing or singing, as long as you practice more, it will yield results and TaeYeon is the best example! Furthermore, TaeYeon likes to sing songs with high difficulty, which was why she chose to sing the challenging song during their concert tour at that time. Currently, TaeYeon’s singing ability has reached the peak, if not it is not possible for her to sing the high dynamics and high ranged duet, with her teacher, The One! Furthermore, TaeYeon is the lead singer of the group, so most of the higher ranged and difficult parts will be given to her, that is why after performing a thousand times of the song, she’ll sing the difficult parts for a thousand times too, so how will it be possible if she don’t improve!

In the beginning, Yuri wasn’t one of the members that get noticed easily but her healthy dark skin became her unique point, if not she won’t be known as the “Black Pearl”~ But in these 4 years, the one with the biggest change will definitely be Yuri. Even SNSD members agreed! Yes, from inside out, head to toe, Yuri changed from a mischievous/playful Black Pearl, to a charming sexy goddess! From a reserved young girl to a fashion goddess. That is undeniable.  If you have watched Yuri’s solo performance in their 1st concert tour, you will definitely have a deep impression of her! In addition, your former opinion of her will change and she will gain a lot of points in your book~ Not because of that sexy performance by Yuri, but the amount of efforts and hard work that are put in by her behind the stage. To add on, her ambitious/competitive nature made it such that regardless of whether it is performance or entertainment (variety), she will want to put in her best and show all of us her perfect performance! Till now, Yuri’s popularity has been on the rise significantly, and she even proclaimed proudly in a show that she is the most popular member in SNSD!

The “More than meets the eye” members!
In SNSD, even though they are not the members that we first know, or the ones in charge of the appearance/looks of the group, but their outstanding qualities are what people admires! The phrase “more than meets the eye” is definitely a fitting description for them!  

For Sunny, apart from the “village girl” and aegyo image, she is actually a girl that really likes to game! Whenever they have breaks, the publicly known gamer-pro, Sunny, will be gaming! Just that surprisingly, there is another side of her that we do not know of. During a variety show that they went on, they searched the bags of SNSD and a book found in Sunny’s bag, and the members joked that she put the book in just for the show. But unexpectedly, Sunny is in fact is a girl who likes to read, and just like Maknae, SeoHyun, she will specially choose inspirational books to read! When everyone thinks that “cute” is the only word to describe Sunny, in actual fact that is totally not true! Because she is also a person who knows the need of seeking self-improvement constantly.

She, Kim Hyo Yeon is definitely a person that is more than meets the eye! Maybe the impression most people have of her is only…. that she dances very well, and that’s all. But in fact, HyoYeon is an extremely humorous girl and most importantly, she’s not trying to be funny deliberately, but her actions can make the members fall head over heels into laughter! Or maybe we can say that HyoYeon is the sunshine of SNSD~ No matter what she does; it will become something funny in the eyes of the members. Tiffany is very envious of this because she thinks that HyoYeon doesn’t have to try hard to be funny as she’s just acting natural but merely a casual remark from her can turn something boring into something funny! Also, group member, Yoona often recommend HyoYeon for variety shows as Yoona thinks too that HyoYeon has a good variety sense and should go on variety shows more often!

In terms of variety, SooYoung is definitely the Pro as she is extremely talented in impersonation, replies/answers and MC-ing! Just that there is very little chance for her to showcase her specialties. But she has a lot of chances to showcase her personal skills! SNSD members think that no matter who SooYoung imitates, she always sounds/looks like them and SooYoung will also practice some personal skills secretly on her own! But the thing that makes us feel that she is “more than meets the eye” is that she has such an incredibly warm heart! You will be a really lucky guy if you get SooYoung as your girlfriend. Why do we say that? When shopping around casually, if SooYoung sees a very pretty couple handphone charm or any couple items, she will buy them! There is no special reason for it, just that SooYoung feels,” If I don’t buy now, maybe next time they won’t have the same design anymore!”  So, don’t you think SooYoung’s future partner is a very lucky guy? For all you know, he will be receiving small gifts every day. Besides couple items, SooYoung even buys baby products too! The members said that if SooYoung sees something suitable and cute, she will think that it is such a waste if she doesn’t buy it, so she will end up buying it! 

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[Music]Younha - Please Take Care Of My Boyfriend

101224 Younha - Please Take Care Of My Boyfriend Live (credit:viamontanteful)

Just realised I didn't post this song. Not bad too.

[Music] Doo Joon & Dong Woon - When the Door Closes

I'm liking this song...
BEAST's Doojoon & Dongwoon- When The Door Closes [FULL HQ][ENG SUB] (credit:renka1712)

Music Bank Live version
101224 Doo Joon & Dong Woon - When the Doors Close (December 24, 2010) KBS Music Bank (credit:KpopSound)

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[Music]S.M. THE BALLAD-Hot Times

S.M. THE BALLAD Vol.1(에스엠 더 발라드)_Hot Times_뮤직비디오 (credit:sment)

Nice song.

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[Music] Koyote remake of Turbo’s “White Love”

Whoot~ Just right for the Christmas season! Not bad at all.

[NEW K-POP] KOYOTE - 스키장에서(White Love) 2010.12.8 - Single T/S (uploaded by fredoommk)

Allkpop news link.

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[Music]Hebe田馥甄 - Super mario MV

Hebe田馥甄 - Super mario MV (upload credit to Beezanxiang)

NIce song and cute lyrics. The MV is so cute too.