Saturday, May 23, 2009

[Drama]Boys Over Flower

Im Stupid - SS501

Watching Boys Over Flower during my free time now. Highly recommended drama! Great cast (definitely eye candies), nice story. I think I watched abit of the Taiwanese version before some years back, but I can't really remember much from it. Watching the Korean version now makes me feel like watching the Taiwanese version again.

Actually I feel that Min Ho (acting as Jun Pyo) kind of looks like Jerry Yan (Dao Min Si in Meteor Garden) especially when he smiles. Yeah, I like his smile!

Lee Min Ho

Jerry Yan

compare these pictures. Jerry Yan on left and Min Ho on right in all the comparisons.

Look alike?

Besides Min Ho, I think Kim Bum (acting as charac Yi Jeong) is really cute as well! I think he looks very boyish and has a cheeky look when he smile.

Not to mention, the pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong acting as Ji Hoo. Really love him in We Got Married. Love his smile too..

Ferrari Raikkonen? haha.

So that's already 3 heart throbs. among the 4.

Lastly, Kim Joon (Woo Bin) is not bad looking as well.

Korean F4

Taiwan F4

The theme song by SS501(posted at top of this entry) is nice as well. Actually before watching the show, I thought Stand By Me by SHINee is nicer, but after watching, SS501's Nae meoriga nabbaseo got me hooked.

Stand By Me - 샤이니(SHINee)

You gotta watch this drama if you still haven't do so!!