Monday, January 28, 2008

Coffee Prince Novel

I've finally got to reading the Coffee Prince Novel. Its a really enjoyable read even though the storyline is abit different from the Coffee Prince Drama. I didn't wanna read it that time whien I was watching the Drama coz I was afraid it would be a spoiler. But I'm kinda glad that the Drama is different from the novel but it still retains most of the things in the novel. Really hafta thank the person who translated the whole novel here

I kept imagining GongYoo as Han Kyul and Yoon Eun Hye as Eun Chan in the novel... I could totally imagine their expression and reactions when I was reading the novel and I couldn't imagine other people as Han Kyul or Eun Chan. That was how their image as Han Kyul and Eun Chan really stuck to me.

In the novel, the Han Kyul was described as being slim, lean and a smart dresser. He's also looks abit cold on the outside. Gong Yoo didn't come to my mind after seeing the description of Han Kyul. I imagined the Han Kyul in the novel to be someone who's more pretty boy looking who have a tall and slender frame. But Gong Yoo juz keep appearing in my head everytime I picture the scenes of the novel.

On the other hand, I think that Yoon Eun Hye fit the Eun Chan in the novel totally. I could picture her every actions and expressions which was described in the novel. Eun Chan in the novel seems to be about the same as the Eun Chan in the drama except that Eun Chan's big appetite and love for food is really empathesized in the novel.

Other characters that are abit different includes Min Yeop, Yoo Joo, Eun Chan's mum , Harim and Han Sung. The Min Yeop in the novel is a punk who alway looks for trouble. He didn't end up with Eun Sae in the end. Instead, Eun Sae was together with Sun Ki.... The Min Yeop in the novel is more of a minor character since he's not one of the Coffee Prince staffs.

Yoo Joo is more bitchy and dense in the novel.

Eun Chan mum is more refined and classy. At least Eun Chan mum is more useful in the novel. She is really good in making italian cuisines and make really delicious dishes. But similar to that in the drama, she's a spendthrift and the family had to rely on Eun Chan to earn the living. Harim is described as a cute and adorable guy with yellow hair( I cannot visualize the Kim Dong Wook with yellow hair ).

Han Sung in the novel is more of a cool, charismatic guy who is also abit sneaky and cold. He's very different from the comfortable and casual Han Seung we see in the drama.

Besides that, there's also another character called Nak Kyun in the novel. He's one of the Coffee Prince staffs and I have very little impression on him(maybe that's why they took him out from the Drama and replaced him with Min Yeop instead). The Min Yeop in the drama is like a mix of Harim and the punky Min Yeop in the novel. (I'm glad they make Min Yeop more silly in the drama so as to provide some comic relieves for the audience). There's also the child character, Seung Kyung and Tae Won in the novel. Eun Chan is their Takwando teacher and there're just so adorable in the novel.

Well despite these differences, I love both the Coffee Prince novel as well as the drama. I think the producer of Coffee Prince did a really good job turning the novel into a successful drama and those little addition and difference in plot spice up the drama. I recommend you all to read the novel even though you've watched the drama as you'll get a different feel from the drama but its still really nice and sweet.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kung Fu Dunk

Another movie I'll be anticipating.

Cast: Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Chen Bo Lin
Director: Kevin Chu
Genre:Action/ Drama
Language: Mandarin
Release Date:7 February 2008

Shi-Jie (Jay Chou) is a brilliant martial artist from the Kungfu School. The master of the school adopted him as a baby, when he was found abandoned in the woods. His remarkable kungfu skills stem from his innate intuition and ability to read his opponents moves. One day, he encounters a group of youths playing basketball and shows off how easy it is for him, with his martial arts training, to do a Slam Dunk. Watching him was Chen-Li (Eric Tsang), a shrewd businessman, who decides that he would exploit Shi-Jie to make some money. Under the guise of helping Shi-Jie to find his family, he recruits him to play varsity basketball at the local university.

Watch the trailer here:

L change the World

Release Date in Singapore: 21 February 2008


“The human whose name is written in the Death Note shall die.”

A God of Death dropped a notebook which had the power to kill people. Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) found the notebook and tried to become Kira, God of a new crime-free world by executing criminals with the notebook. L (Kenichi Matsuyama), a genius detective confronted Kira who was his toughest enemy ever. At last, L managed to close the case of Kira but had to pay a painful price.After making the hardest decision ever, another serious case confronts L. There are only 23 days left and without his best partner Watari (Shunji Fujimura), L has to solve the case all by himself for the very first time.A boy and a girl hold the keys to solving this case and L had to get into a desparate situation to protect the kids. L has solved many cases previously through monitors and using his brain power as he has never appeared in public as L. This is the first and last case that he has to deal with people in person...A person who obtains the most horrible weapon “Death God” created by human says the same thing as Kira... ”I am going to change the world.”What will happen to L? Is anything in the world going to be changed? The turbulent 23 days even L cannot predict awaits him. The most exciting and moving countdown has now begun!


jap website:


It'll be released soon... But I wonder if it would be good as the writer is not the original writer for the Death Note manga...Nevertheless, we'll still get to see Kinichi Matsuyama as L =) I thought the movie would be a recap of L's past life, but its actually not. It would be about the 23days before L's death....

Can't wait to catch it on screen.

Friday, January 25, 2008


JYC forum is up and running.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My search for the Ans :Who is the Mr Right for Yoon Eun Hye?

As I mentioned in my previous entries that I was captivated by Yoon Eun Hye's charm after watching her in Goong. So naturally, I was curious if there's anything going on between Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye off screen since their Goong hot kiss scene in episode 23 looked too convincing. I searched for videos related to Goong to see if sparks were also flying between them in real life and watched the BTS for Goong as well as the 1.5 special episode.
After watching all those, I thought that both of them behaved quite intimate even when they're 'off screen' (it's not really off screen since they were captured on the camera even during the BTS).
I also found a slow motion version of the passionate kiss in episode 23 in youtube. I can't remember who was the uploader, but the clip should be similar to the one at (credit joeyclaire). After watching that slow motion version of the kiss, it made me further believe that they may be a couple since it seems like they were really engross and full of feelings during the kiss. I even watched the clip a few times(yeah, seems pervertic but thats the fact! they seems really into each other there. Some people even commented that there were tongue actions there)
But after reading all the comments left for the video, what really caught my attention was a comment that said there were tears from Yoon Eun Hye during the kiss. So, I rewatched the clip and sure enough, I could spot a stream of tear flowing down Yoon Eun Hye's cheeks during the kiss. (Its at 01:35 of the video). That really perplexed me. I thought Yoon Eun Hye really enjoyed the kiss with Joo Ji Hoon but if that was so, then why was there tears??? I tried reading other comments left there, but it seemed like nobody had the answer as to why Yoon Eun Hye cred there. According to the plot there's no need for her to shed tears at all...
Despite that burning question, I decided to move on and I found forums which had pictures of them sharing drinks, wearing couple clothes, behaving like they were really close and intimate etc.(I think its in soompi's Goong forum that I saw the infos and news. Not sure bout it though) I also read some rumours about them being spotted together in Bali (yes, it was confirmed that they both went Bali at the same time and even boarded the same plane, but they were there to do their individual photoshoots). It seems too much of a coincidence that they were going Bali tgt and there's quite a high chance that they would have met each other when they were in Bali to have a meal etc. So I was quite convinced then that there were something going on between our Royal Couple....

After that, I found Yoon Eun Hye's soompi thread and there were really soo many information there that I took such a long time back tracking all the post there to learn more about her. I was so busy caught up in absorbing all the information about Yoon Eun Hye and trying to research about her career that I forgot about her unusual relationship between Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon. (there were really lots of new things I discovered about her eg. She was once a member of a Korean Girl Group called BabyVox and she also attended quite alot of variety shows eg Xman and also other shows which she went with BabyVox. I collected lots of websites with videos and stuffs and spent quite some time going through all those in order to understand more about her).

During the process of researching and knowing more about her, I realised that she was a regular in Xman and watched quite a few videos of her in Xman. I was really surprised that she could dance so well since there was a dancing scene in Goong and she acted like she couldn't dance at all! When watching Xman, I saw that there were comments saying that KJK and YEH is a couple etc. But I read all those comments and thought that there were referring to Joo Ji Hoon(yeah, I didn't realised that there was another guy who was romatically linked with YEH earlier before Goong and thought all these people were referring to the same person). After reading more and more in soompi, I started to realise that there was another guy which is Kim Jong Kook (KJK) not JJH and Yoon Eun Hye and him was in a variety show called Xman. I watched videos of Xman uploaded and subbed by coolsmurf on Youtube and saw that quite a number of people were saying how Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye is so sweet and the best couple etc, but at that time I thought that Kim Jong Kook is not competible with Yoon Eun Hye at all!
He's not that good looking ( at that time, I thought he's really ugly) and does not look good with Yoon Eun Hye at all. I also found out that he's quite old too, so they're not really a suitable couple due to the age gap (she seems to be much more competible with Joo Ji Hoon). So I didn't think much about him and continued my journey to find out more about Yoon Eun Hye. I watched Kim Jong Kook's Saying I Love You MV which also starred Yoon Eun Hye and the BTS and there were people saying how sweet they were and whether they're really a couple etc. So Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye couple got my attention gradually(it seemed like quite alot of people know about Kim Jong Kook paring with Yoon Eun Hye, so it should be something worth looking at).I watched more and more clips of Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook together on Youtube and Kim Jong Kook started growing onto me gradually. I'm not sure why, but maybe its because Yoon Eun Hye seems to like this guy quite alot( at least on Xman). So I started downloading Xman episodes to know more about Yoon Eun Hye's character, as well as to see what going on between Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye. It took quite long for me to find the chinese subbed version of Xman and to download them all....

In the meantime while I was downloading the Xman episodes, I found a JoonYoon Chinese site which was filled with information and discussions as well and I read some of the posts there and realised that there's a possibility between Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook.... The more I read about the two of them ( in Soompi) the more I thought there's something going on between Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook and I became abit giddy over both of them(juz like how I was with Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye's relationship at first). After knowing more about the two of them, I watched Saying I Love You MV and the BTS(behind the scenes) again and felt that both of them looked really sweet together(I think I watched Saying I Love You MV and the BTS for ALOT of times but had different feelings everytime I watch it). At first I just watched it and thought its just a regular MV and nothing much. But after reading the analyse and discussions (on soompi (i think) and JYC chinese), I started to look at the MV more closely and follow the analysis made by other JYCs. True enough, the BTS and MV seems to indicate that they are really close and comfortable with each other. After looking at all the analysis, the two of them seems really sweet and loving in the MV and BTS. Besides that, there was also the news about Kim Jong Kook giving Yoon Eun Hye a humongous diamond ring and scooter just for starring in his MV. Well, guys don't just give girls diamond ring for fun...

Then there was a period of time which I only cared about all the updates of Yoon Eun Hye and all the news of her that was streaming in(I was quite busy with school work, so I spend quite little time online) I didn't really continued to find out more about her romance.

It was only recently that I rediscovered the Joon Yoon Chinese website/forum again and begin reading the posts there more carefully. The information available there and the discussions there about the couple got me hooked and I registered myself as a member there after realising that the Evidence section of the forum is locked and only members with more than a certain number of posts would be able to view them. So I began to read all the posts there and tried to post as much comments as possible in order to gain access to the Evidence section ASAP. While reading the post, I finally recalled that I visited the site before and read some of the stuffs there before last time.... The more I read and gather about Kim Joon Kook and Yoon Eun Hye as a couple, the more I believed that they are really a couple. I found the Asian Fanatics thread dedicated to JongYoon shippers as well and got some more information there. During these time, I started watching Xman in detail and try to spot everything on screen which pointed to them being a couple. Even though some people may argue that Xman may be scripted, but I think that the true feelings revealed during the show can't be scripted. The happy and sweet smile they had on their faces when they're paired, their remarks and comments which they made and jealousy they had when other people tried to come between them and all those can't be scripted. If its realy scripted, then I must say that they are really very good actor/actress to have gone to all the details to look just like a couple on screen.

I also started to like Kim Jong Kook more and more and now my opinion of his is that even though does not have the typical good looks, he's charismatic and quite cute. Its funny that such a muscular and tough looking guy has such a thin voice which don't suit him at all. Beneath the muscular frame is also a really shy guy at heart. So I started liking Kim Jong Kook and also his music as well.

Now, I've become a true hearted JoonYoonClub(JYC) and believe that Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook are lovers. I've setup a forum for all JYCs at to discuss and talk about the couple. But its down at the moment. I'm trying to move the forum to another host but I'll try to get it up ASAP. Will update here once its opened and available again.

Lastly I wanna explain why I didn't become a true hearted Hyoonie(JJH-YEH) shipper in the beginning.

1) When going through the evidences and posts which suggested that Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye are together, I realised that there were just too much PS-ed photos of them together. I would get excited upon seeing an intimate picture of them, but got disappointed after knowing that they are just PSed pictures. I must say the PS skills are really good and its really hard to see the difference between a PS-ed picture vs a real pic of them tgt.

2) There were alot of bubbles on the two and there's very little evidence on Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye. Evidence meaning REAL pictures and proofs and analysis of the possibility of the two of them.

3) There seems to be not much progress of their relationship after Goong. By progress, I mean real hard evidence/analysis.

I guess thats the reasons I didn't really follow up on the couple after that....

I just visited Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye's Asian Fanatics (AF) thread and read through all of the post and I'm quite amazed how their fashion sense seems similar(the couple clothings). The ring evidence also seems valid. But apart from that, there's not much other evidence I can find which point to them being a couple.... IF there's really good evidence that is posted I may just change ship and believe in the Joo Ji Hoon - Yoon Eun Hye couple, but there's not much evidence available..... Maybe Hyoonies have proof about JJH and YEH but ain't telling them, but I don't get why won't they wanna share the evidences if they are valid and sound ones.

To be truthful, If there's really evidences, I won't be so stubborn and blind as to still believe that Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook are together. But since all the information I can get led me to believe that Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook couple have a higher possibility (judging from the evidences presented from both the shippers) , I'll still think for now that Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye are together.

Regardless of who Yoon Eun Hye will end up with, be it Kim Jong Kook, Joo Ji Hoon or even some other guy( its possible!), I just hope that she'll find her MR Right and be happy with the guy. I'll still love and support her whoever she ended up with....

P.S I didn't really mention Yoon Eun Hye's other co-star in Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo coz I think that they are really just friends. I really like their sizzling chemistry in Coffee Prince and they are a great on-screen pair, but to me, there seems to be nothing more between them in real life. Maybe after all the acting experiences she gained, Yoon Eun Hye is more able to distinguish between her on-screen character and her real life, so she may be more aware of that and make adjustments to her feelings accordingly.

News: Yanzi in a movie

[2008-01-22] 孙燕姿:今年的重点会在电影上 (credit:

孙燕姿:今年的重点会在电影上   孙燕姿由陈泽杉一手培养,相比较蔡依林,陈的离开对孙燕姿的冲击更大。更有报道称孙燕姿当初和EMI签约时曾附加“与陈泽杉共同进退”的条款,对此,负责孙燕姿唱片经纪的小安对记者表示,这不是事实。   小安向记者解释,孙燕姿目前和EMI的合约尚有一张唱片约未满,所以不可能在这个时候离开公司,至于未来是否会继续跟从陈泽杉,现在也无法推测。   不过,小安表示,孙燕姿未来一年内的主要计划是拍摄一部电影,完成多年来的梦想。前些日子孙燕姿已经和几位导演洽谈过,并确定将出演一部时装剧;至于新专辑,则要等EMI新官上任之后,来安排她的发片档期。

Yanzi would put her focus on a movie this year. She'll act in a movie to fulfill her long awaited dream (of starring in a movie).

Its good news to hear that she'll finally be acting in a movie(after talking about such a possibility for so long). Hope that the news is confirmed and I wonder what kinda character will she be acting as.....
Recently there's been very little news of her and it seems like she's taking a break now, enjoying her life( or maybe dating). Well, can't wait to hear more news of her and see her projects/albums.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Death Note

I started watching Death Note anime after my brother recommended
it to me. I had no interest in anime last time as I thought that
its just little kids who watch cartoons and animes. And I thought
that anime is quite stupid as the stories are all fictitious and
unreal and those stories would of course not happen in real life
since animes usually contains stuffs like magic and powers which is
too absurd to happen in real life. Another reason I was not interested
in anime is that they are cartoons and the characters are all fake/
unreal, therefore even though they may be handsome/pretty, they’re
just made up characters which does not exist in real life unlike
dramas where the actors and actresses are really handsome/pretty
and they EXIST in real life.

But after watching an episode of Death Note, I decided to be open
minded and give the anime a try. And I'm glad I did as I got
hooked onto the anime and couldn't get more of it. What really
attracted me was the well thought out plot and the clever-ness
of the author of the manga. The were lots of twist in the plot
which builds up its anticipation and surprises the readers with
the unexpected turns of events. You would never know what would
happen next and so it'll leave you craving for more.

Besides the plot, I also grew to like the character in Death Note.
Both the main characters, Light Yagami and L are very clever people
and their intelligence got me attracted to them. L's antics
and behaviour is also very entertaining and funny as he behave
just like a little child, but have the brain of a genius.
Yagami Light is charismatic and a cool guy, but sadly, he got too
caught up in punishing criminals that it turned into an obsession.
Even though the characters are fictitious, I can’t help but to like
them as the story proceeds.

I think some people may have watched the movie of Death Note
and think that its nice. I’ve watching the movie as well, but I felt
that the anime is really much much nicer than the movie. No doubt
the movie was quite successful in bringing out the plot of the
manga and I thought that Kenichi Matsuyama was really
convincing playing the role of L, but anime/manga lovers
would prefer the original version more. I thought that
the actor who acted as Light was not that good as Light
should be a cool and charismatic guy who is a real charmer, but
the actor in the movie was more bubbly than cool and I can’t really
see the charisma in him… My impression of
Light in the manga was much more charming and attractive.
So if you’ve watched the movie version of Death Note
and really liked it, I highly recommend you to watch the anime
or read the manga to get the full story. They cut short the story
and changed the plot/ending abit the movie. The manga/anime
is much longer with the introduction of characters like
Mello and Near. The anime was a good adaptation of the
manga, but sometimes it left be a bit confused at some parts.
So reading the manga would make the plot clearer and clear
the doubts.

I heard some news that there’ll be another Death Note movie coming
out which featured the story of L. I wonder what it would be
like… Can’t wait for it to be out since Kenichi Matsuyama
really did a great job as L.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Coffee Prince poster+ mug

Went for the Coffee Prince promotional event at Bugis on 29th Dec and managed to get the Coffee Prince poster and mug after queuing for around an hour. Here's the pictures.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Reasons why you should not watch Coffee Prince in dubs

Coffee Prince is currently airing in Singapore and its in dual sound, meaning you choose to either listen to he Chinese dubbed dialogues or the original version. I've watched an episode of Coffee Prince with the Chinese dub on channel u as my mum was watching it. I’ll tell you why you should watch it without the dub instead.

Generally speaking, watching Coffee Prince with the dubs spoils the show.

1) emotions would be lost/bland

When the actors and actresses are acting, their actions, expressions and their dialogue must be convincing when they act as a certain character.Besides this, what is also really important in conveying the emotions of the character is the tone and manner in which they sound. When you listen to the dubbed version, you would not get to listen to the real voice of the actress/actor, hence the emotions of the character which are being expresses through his/her tone would be
completely lost. Take for example Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince often goes "AISHHH" to express her exasperation, but in the dubbed version, they may change it to a short sigh/
"Ai!" instead. The sense of exasperation is therefore lost in the process and this may make the show less enjoyable/entertaining. Besides, some of the scenes may be funny in the original Korean dialogue, but the humor may be lost in the dubbed version.

2) Personality of the character not as strong/established

When an actor/actress wants to be convincing in his acting,he'll have to behave just like his character in every way.From the way he walk, talk to his tone and expression. Therefore when I listen to the dubbed version of Go Eun Chan's voice, I think that it does not suit Eun Chan at
all. It don't reflect who Eun Chan is. The voice is too girly and not convincing enough. Therefore this may cause the personality/image of Eun Chan to be not as strong. Besides that, in order to act convincingly, Yoon Eun Hye deepened her voice and changed her way of speaking/expressing herself when she acted as Eun Chan. Such little details made the character much more convincing. So please watch the undubbed version to get a taste of the what the real Eun Chan is.

3) You won’t get to hear the voice of Lee Seon Gyun
Lee Seon Gyun has such an attractive voice. Its deep and manly, and you wouldn’t get bored listening to him talk. His voice is just so comfortable to listen to. Just hear it and you’ll know what I mean.

So if you really want to see the acting skills of the actors/actresses, you have to watch the show with the original voices of the actors/actresses to judge. Besides, watching the original version would let you better appreciate the drama.

Yoon Eun Hye- when and how it started

Gonna blog bout my new craz Yoon Eun Hye. Some ppl may not recognise her real name but i guess most ppl shld noe the adorable ChaeGyung in Goong.

Here's a pic of her and Shin( Joo Ji Hoon) of Goong.

Watched Goong and totally LOVE her charac in there. At first still okay, but as time goes by and as the drama procceeds, I was attracted to ChaeGyung and her ever so adorable actions. There's also tis charisma abt her tt draws my in. So towards the end of the drama, I was totally amazed by Yoon Eun Hye's acting and the extremely good chemistry she had with Joo Ji Hoon in the show. Ep 23 says it all. The HOT kissing scene. Tink tts the best episode ever. lolz. Think she's like the 1st ever actress which i liked so far.

So after watching Goong, I realised tt I cant get enuff of Eun Hye, and wanted to get to noe more abt her, so I did some search on the net and found out her profile. Found some clips of her dancing on a variety show and got a shock of my life. My 1st impression I had after seeing her dancing was tt she was those vain and bitchy kind of artiste. But upon reading some people's comments and watching some more clips, I realised tt she really can dance, and tt her dancing is not sluttish at all! She's like hot when she's dancing and cute and funny when she's not.Realised tt she was a regular guest in the variety show called XMAN in the past, so I went searching for the past episodes of the show. (China websites area really useful for providing video clips) Watched a few episodes and love her even more( really hafta thank those ppl for providing us with the english/ chinese subtitles so I was able to understand wat they were saying in the show) Find her very cute and real in the show. She'll go all out during the games to win even though the host often made fun of her for being STRONG. She's very witty and funny in the show too. Making smart and hilarious comments and remarks.

Realised tt she was once in Baby vox and had been in the entertainment scene for ard 7yrs already! She's gd in drawing too! Love her style. She's like forever in pretty and fashionable clothes. She got a nice figure too, which is well proportionate. And not to mention, she have extremely nice legs! Long and slender. Wooo. Legs tt could die for.So envious of her legs.


In xman