Thursday, January 24, 2008

News: Yanzi in a movie

[2008-01-22] 孙燕姿:今年的重点会在电影上 (credit:

孙燕姿:今年的重点会在电影上   孙燕姿由陈泽杉一手培养,相比较蔡依林,陈的离开对孙燕姿的冲击更大。更有报道称孙燕姿当初和EMI签约时曾附加“与陈泽杉共同进退”的条款,对此,负责孙燕姿唱片经纪的小安对记者表示,这不是事实。   小安向记者解释,孙燕姿目前和EMI的合约尚有一张唱片约未满,所以不可能在这个时候离开公司,至于未来是否会继续跟从陈泽杉,现在也无法推测。   不过,小安表示,孙燕姿未来一年内的主要计划是拍摄一部电影,完成多年来的梦想。前些日子孙燕姿已经和几位导演洽谈过,并确定将出演一部时装剧;至于新专辑,则要等EMI新官上任之后,来安排她的发片档期。

Yanzi would put her focus on a movie this year. She'll act in a movie to fulfill her long awaited dream (of starring in a movie).

Its good news to hear that she'll finally be acting in a movie(after talking about such a possibility for so long). Hope that the news is confirmed and I wonder what kinda character will she be acting as.....
Recently there's been very little news of her and it seems like she's taking a break now, enjoying her life( or maybe dating). Well, can't wait to hear more news of her and see her projects/albums.

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