Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Death Note

I started watching Death Note anime after my brother recommended
it to me. I had no interest in anime last time as I thought that
its just little kids who watch cartoons and animes. And I thought
that anime is quite stupid as the stories are all fictitious and
unreal and those stories would of course not happen in real life
since animes usually contains stuffs like magic and powers which is
too absurd to happen in real life. Another reason I was not interested
in anime is that they are cartoons and the characters are all fake/
unreal, therefore even though they may be handsome/pretty, they’re
just made up characters which does not exist in real life unlike
dramas where the actors and actresses are really handsome/pretty
and they EXIST in real life.

But after watching an episode of Death Note, I decided to be open
minded and give the anime a try. And I'm glad I did as I got
hooked onto the anime and couldn't get more of it. What really
attracted me was the well thought out plot and the clever-ness
of the author of the manga. The were lots of twist in the plot
which builds up its anticipation and surprises the readers with
the unexpected turns of events. You would never know what would
happen next and so it'll leave you craving for more.

Besides the plot, I also grew to like the character in Death Note.
Both the main characters, Light Yagami and L are very clever people
and their intelligence got me attracted to them. L's antics
and behaviour is also very entertaining and funny as he behave
just like a little child, but have the brain of a genius.
Yagami Light is charismatic and a cool guy, but sadly, he got too
caught up in punishing criminals that it turned into an obsession.
Even though the characters are fictitious, I can’t help but to like
them as the story proceeds.

I think some people may have watched the movie of Death Note
and think that its nice. I’ve watching the movie as well, but I felt
that the anime is really much much nicer than the movie. No doubt
the movie was quite successful in bringing out the plot of the
manga and I thought that Kenichi Matsuyama was really
convincing playing the role of L, but anime/manga lovers
would prefer the original version more. I thought that
the actor who acted as Light was not that good as Light
should be a cool and charismatic guy who is a real charmer, but
the actor in the movie was more bubbly than cool and I can’t really
see the charisma in him… My impression of
Light in the manga was much more charming and attractive.
So if you’ve watched the movie version of Death Note
and really liked it, I highly recommend you to watch the anime
or read the manga to get the full story. They cut short the story
and changed the plot/ending abit the movie. The manga/anime
is much longer with the introduction of characters like
Mello and Near. The anime was a good adaptation of the
manga, but sometimes it left be a bit confused at some parts.
So reading the manga would make the plot clearer and clear
the doubts.

I heard some news that there’ll be another Death Note movie coming
out which featured the story of L. I wonder what it would be
like… Can’t wait for it to be out since Kenichi Matsuyama
really did a great job as L.

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