Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hot Korean Guys

Here's some hot asian guys

Won Bin

With that dashing gd look and well- maintained body, how can we not fall for him?
He's passionate about acting and talented too.

Gong Yoo

In Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy as Park Tae In

In Coffee Prince as Han Kyul

Recently starred in the popular kdrama Coffee Prince and his popularity is increasing both in korea and the other countries.
Past drama of him include One Fine Day and Biscuit Candy, Star teacher( in which the charac he acted in really resembles the Hankyul in Coffee Prince. He's adorable there as well. Childish but
sweet) He's really adorable and has a freaking cute smile that can capture the heart of girls out there, plus he have a really nice body as well (which we gotta see in Coffee Prince) ^^A pity we cant get to see more of him as he'll be enlisted in MS soon.

Takuya Kimura

In Hero

In Pride

In Good Luck

Major Japanese Hottie who is popular and well-known. Even though he's already married and is already35yrs old,his charm and charisma only increases as he ages. He's becoming more and more man and mature, which contributes to more to his charm.

Kim Jong Kook


Even though he may not have the typical handsome and good looking face, his character shines and bring out the charisma in him, which attract people to him. Beneath that bulging muscles which looks abit scary and intimidating is a guy who is gentle, shy, humorous and romantic. So dont be deceived and judge him by his cover. Besides that, his voice is also so gentle and thin(in a gd way ) that it does not suit his image at all. Listen to his songs here

Really love his songs even though I dun understand korean

5) Rain (Bi)-


I dun consider him handsome too, but he's really cute with
that small eyes of his. Besides that, his smile is really cute as he looks
really innocent and child-like wheneven he smile, juz like a little boy.
He's a really gd dancer as well and his stage presence is really
strong. He has got a hot body as well.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yoon Eun Hye Profile

Name: Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

Date of Birth: 3rd Oct 1984

Horoscope: Libra

Blood group: O

Height: 169

Religion: Christian

Family: Parents, Younger Brother

Career History: 1999-2005 Baby Vox

Significant shows, movies and dramas:

17 January 2004- 25 September 2005 Xman

2005 Goong/ Princess Hour

March 2006 Escaping from Charisma/Legend of the Seven Cutter

2006 The Vineyard Man

2007 The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

credit: soompi, Neri

What I love abt her charac: adorable, witty, goofy, feminine, versatile, unpretentious

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yoon Eun Hye

YEH, my current obsession~
I think many people would just know her as the cute and adorable girl who acted in GOONG, but she is more than merely being cute and adorable. Just like most people, I got to know her through the popular kdrama GOONG, which was aired in Singapore and caused quite a hype here. I was greatly entertained by the goofy and cute Chaegyung, who never fail to crack me up with her silly antics in the show. I realised that besides making me laugh, I also get sad and pity her whenever I see Chaegyung cry.... There's a charm in Yoon Eun Hye which makes her able to connect which the audience effectively. I guess this is the so called 'x-factor'.

In GOONG, besides seeing her cuteness, I am also attracted to the feminine air which radiate from her. I was attracted to the way she walks in her heels (maybe its due to her long and slender legs which I could die for) , the way she cries( just feel like going over to comfort her) and her long and flowy hair. Alright, I sound like a lesbian now, but I think I'm not the only girl who is liddat since she once mentioned that 80% of her fans are girls...

To tell the truth, after watching GOONG 1.5, I was abit dissapointed coz YEH dont seem to be the Chaegyung which I expected her to be. But not totally let down by this, I searched for her in Youtube and found some Xman clips of her. I was totally taken aback after seeing her dance and I thought her dancing was abit wild(maybe due to the fact that I seldom watch girls dance and did not really noe how to appreciate it). However, I continued to watch somemore clips on Youtube and also realised that she was once from a group called Babyvox. I couldnt really recognise her then and it took quite a while for me to be able to pick her out from the group. After watching more and more clips, my opinions gradually changed and I started to appreciate her dancing (both in xman and babyvox) and there was a period of time where I'd watch babyvox videos for the whole day on Youtube.

Besides her dances, I started to get to noe more about her character through clips on Xman as well. Fans of hers really should go watch Xman to noe her character. Admired her wittiness during dangyonghaji, her unpretentious, caring and fun-loving character. I'm still in the process of watching Xman shows and I think my opinion of her can only get better and better.

So I got obessed over YEH and watched all the shows with her, including The Vineyard Man and The First Shop of Coffee Prince. I can only say that her acting is improving constantly and her performance in Coffee Prince is really commendable.
YEH is just such a wonder girl that I cant find any major faults with her. Where else can we find such a girl who is caring, kind, unpretentious, intelligent, witty and at the same time, goofy, wacky and humerous?

Sun Yan Zi

Her newest song, RISE a theme song for the ASEAN 40th Anniversary celebrations

Yanzi can be counted as the first ever singer which I got interested in. Up till now, I'm still a great fan of her music, as well as her character. Remember the time I first took notice of her was during her album My Desired Happiness and from then on, I love all her music, bought all her albums and collected most magazines and newspapers articles of her. It has already been around 7yrs since I've been a fan of her and even though my obsession for her is not as strong as it used to be , I'm still a loyal fan of hers. All the songs in her albums are great listening to especially those emotional songs which can be considered as her forte as she just never fail to bring out those deep emotions in the songs which never fail to touch people's heart.

After following her journey to fame for the past yrs, we can see that fame does not get into her head even though she's so popular in the Chinese music industry. Not much of her character have changed as she's still as straightforward,honest, unpretentious(seen in her interviews) and friendly as before. However, after being in the industry for such a long period of time, she had definitely matured ( both in mentality and image-wise) and we see her morphed from a sweet and innocent little girl, to one who is filled with confidence and professionism on stage.