Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Music]Girls' Generation(소녀시대)_훗(Hoot)_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)

Hoot MV (credit:sment)

OMG. SooYoung is soo freaking sexy in the black outfit in the gold room/elevator. And her hair finally looks normal! Gahh. From the MV, I love the move at 1:29-1.31 sideway shooting and 2.46- 2.53 side move+small heart and gun move.
Love the song. It's really catchy and it's not auto tuned!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[News]SHINee’s Jonghyun & Shin Se Kyung dating

SHINee’s Jonghyun & Shin Se Kyung confirmed to be dating!
Read the news @ AllKpop

When I first saw the news, I thought "Wow, cool. SM actually admitted it?". They looked sweet in the photos. How in the world did the reporter get the photos? I thought korean media don't usually stalk celebs.....

And then another news came up on allkpop.
Shin Se Kyung shuts down homepage due to backlash
Poor thing, but shutting down the CY is a good decision since she don't have to see those hate messages from the overly zealous fans.

Seriously, those fans... I dunno what to say. Are they brainless or what? Are they living in a fairytale land where the idols they worship belongs to them only and they will get married and live together with their idols in a make-believe world?
Shouldn't the fans be happy for them instead? I mean, even if JongHyun is not attached, will they even get a chance to date him? If both of them are in a relationship, obviously he'll be hurt by the fans who sent those hate messages to his gf.
Seriously, I think those fans lost their brain or something.

Now I know why celebs especially idols won't want to announce their relationship. There are fans who would rather want to be in the dark about their idols' relationship status and continue to live in their fantasy world than to face the truth. TO those people: Jeez. Wake up man. It's time to get a reality check.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[News] S.H.E Selina burnt incident

[20101025]News report on S.H.E Selina burnt incident (credit:xuplHebe)

Seriously..... I didn't pay much attention to the news when it was out, since I assumed it was just a minor burnt. But as days goes by, more and more news surfaced and that got me curious as to how servere her burns was. She suffered 3rd degree burns and according to Wikipedia,

"Third-degree burns occur when the epidermis is lost with damage to the subcutaneous tissue. Burn victims will exhibit charring and extreme damage of the epidermis, and sometimes hard eschar will be present. Third-degree burns result in scarring and victims will also exhibit the loss of hair shafts and keratin. These burns may require grafting. These burns are not painful, as all the nerves have been damaged by the burn and are not sending pain signals; however, all third-degree burns are surrounded by first and second-degree burns, which are painful."

Looking at the news, it says that she need skin grafting.... Which is really serious.... They were gonna film a major exploding scene, but were totally not prepared for emergencies in case something happens during the filming. There was no firetruck on stand by, nor was there any explode rehearsals done before they filmed the scene and the actors weren't wearing fire-proof clothings either. And so, the explosion was set off too early, resulting in the actor/actress being caught in the whole explosion. The building was supposed to explode after the actor and actress exited the building, but it was triggered before they had a chance to exit the building....
Gosh.. And the news said that since there was no firetruck on standby, the crew could only use drinking water to extinguish the fire on Selina and the actor. Like WTH?!?! Sucha dangerous exploding scene with fuels, explosions and all and no precautions done?

The news made my heart ache and looking at Hebe, Ella and Selina's dad in the video, it makes me feel more so. I wonder how they're taking this (esp Selina's family). Damn sad since this kinda accident shouldn't happen and at least there shld be precautions done before filming. To think she was preparing to get married soon...

Hope she'll have a smooth operation and recovery.... Jia You, Selina!

Monday, October 25, 2010

[News] The Straits Time Review on Singapore Kpop Night

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(plz credit to bluedolphin30 if you take the pic out)
Bias much? Totally Big Bang biased.

Korean boy bands The Boss, ZE:A and Infinite showed off their potential with synchronised sleep dance moves that came across a little too rehearsed.

Too rehearsed? What does that mean? Their dance steps were too neat + in sync? I guess it may be better if they were totally messy + not in sync when they danced. -_-

Their songs such as Oh!, Gee, and Genie were almost beside the point. Their pitch was off - not that it mattered to the owners of innumerable cameras whose flashes went into overdrive for as long as the girls were on stage.

Pitch off? I didn't go for the concert,but from the fancams,they didn't sound off pitched. And do I have to mention it? SooYoung's in-ears were totally not working throughout their 3-4 songs and she kept pointing to it throughout the performance but I don't think the sound people fixed that at all. To add on, I don't think SNSD had much time to rehearse before the concert since their schedule were insanely packed. They touched down only a few hrs before the concert.

Then they were gone and chants of "Big Bang! Big Bang!" echoed throughout the venue, urging the popular hip-hop Korean boyband to speedily come on stage for their debute live performance in Singapore. Their overly rehearsed rookie counter-parts would do well to take a leaf from their books.

I think it's unfair to compare them. Big Bang don't dance around that much since their genre is kinda different and they perform differently. The other groups focus mostly on dance choreography while Big Bang works the crowd easily since their song genre allows them to do so. Just imagine them dancing to Gee and trying to work the crowd Big Bang style? It's kinda impossible with that choreography.

Yea, whatever it is, Big Bang is awesome and so are the rest.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

[Music] Younha - One Shot feat. 주석

Younha - One Shot feat. 주석


Hooked onto this song recently. Totally awesome. I've been stuck on her Password 486 days (awesome song too) and now, there's another awesome song. Love her vocals.

YounHa - One Shot [Live on Inkigayo 171010]

(credit: CrazyCarrot360)
They cut away the rap part for the live though....

[Video]SNSD - the making of GENIE Japanese Ver. MV/Song [3/3] Cut

Seo Hyun's Chinese is really good! I wanna hear Jessica's full version of 至少还有你 and Minho is just soo freaking adorable there.