Monday, October 25, 2010

[News] The Straits Time Review on Singapore Kpop Night

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Bias much? Totally Big Bang biased.

Korean boy bands The Boss, ZE:A and Infinite showed off their potential with synchronised sleep dance moves that came across a little too rehearsed.

Too rehearsed? What does that mean? Their dance steps were too neat + in sync? I guess it may be better if they were totally messy + not in sync when they danced. -_-

Their songs such as Oh!, Gee, and Genie were almost beside the point. Their pitch was off - not that it mattered to the owners of innumerable cameras whose flashes went into overdrive for as long as the girls were on stage.

Pitch off? I didn't go for the concert,but from the fancams,they didn't sound off pitched. And do I have to mention it? SooYoung's in-ears were totally not working throughout their 3-4 songs and she kept pointing to it throughout the performance but I don't think the sound people fixed that at all. To add on, I don't think SNSD had much time to rehearse before the concert since their schedule were insanely packed. They touched down only a few hrs before the concert.

Then they were gone and chants of "Big Bang! Big Bang!" echoed throughout the venue, urging the popular hip-hop Korean boyband to speedily come on stage for their debute live performance in Singapore. Their overly rehearsed rookie counter-parts would do well to take a leaf from their books.

I think it's unfair to compare them. Big Bang don't dance around that much since their genre is kinda different and they perform differently. The other groups focus mostly on dance choreography while Big Bang works the crowd easily since their song genre allows them to do so. Just imagine them dancing to Gee and trying to work the crowd Big Bang style? It's kinda impossible with that choreography.

Yea, whatever it is, Big Bang is awesome and so are the rest.

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