Sunday, June 20, 2010

[Live] Sun Yan Zi 孙燕姿 Live

Miss her and her singing. Hopefully her new album will be out soon. It's been years.....

Here's some of her perfect live singing. Simply love her live. Amazing singer.

開始懂了(Kai Shi Dong Le) (uploaded by minnow123)

我也很想他 (Wo Ye Hen Xiang Ta) (uploaded by allureevens)

我要的幸福 My Desired Happiness (Wo Yao De Xing Fu) (Uploaded by digitman0000)
One of her signature song. The song/album was a hit in 2000. Wow, it's been 10 years.....

Silent all these Years (uploaded by sesamiapple)
One of the songs in her Album, "Start". Strong vocals

我怀念的 (Wo Huai Nian De) (uploaded by Absoloo)
One of her songs in her last album, Ni Guang. Another great ballad. Been about 3 years since she realised an album. Still waiting....

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just listened to Katncandix2 棉花糖's album, 再见王子(zai jian wang zi) and I really like it. The lead singer's voice is very clear and their music is very comfortable to listen to.

Here's one of the track in the album titled "Zai Jian Wang Zi" or Goodbye Prince when translated to English.

棉花糖 - 再見王子 zai jian wang zi (uploaded by bouncebill)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TaeYeon in Singapore [1/6/2010 Tuesday]

As expected. Fans haunted TaeYeon down in Singapore. Run TaeYeon Run! I was expecting fans to update her whereabouts and traces of her in Singapore after news of TaeYeon in Singapore spreaded like wildfire with the photo of her in Universal Studio on Monday.Sure enough, there were lots of rumors and updates of her whereabouts online (twitter/forum etc)today and I was sitting by the computer tracking all the on-goings online. Lol. Yeah, I'm too free and have got nothing better to do. I could have flew down in time and try to catch a glimpse of her, but I just didn't.

It's kinda amusing and interesting looking at all those updates. Earlier in the day, there were rumors of her at Tanah Merah interchange? Then at Suntec, then her going on the duck tour. And at the same time there were rumors of her at orchard, ion, etc. Lol. Seems like she can teleport. Yeah. Up to that point nobody knows for sure where she was and all was just rumors, but looking the updates it seems like there's a high possibility of her in Suntec area. Then came THE update. She's at the Singapore Flyer! Lol. Seriously bad choice for her to go there at that time. Since the rumor of her in Suntec had been floating around and I guess there's quite alot of fans around the area already. And being in Suntec, I thought that there's an extremely high possibility of her going for the Singapore Flyer ride and it's definitely one of the smart choice to camp at on that day. To add it on, the ride is kinda LONG, so leaving it enough time for fans to flock there in time to "hunt" her down and "prey on her". Sure enough, looking at the fancams and pictures, there were quite alot of fans there waiting for her when she finished her ride.

Somehow the whole situation seems like a hunter and prey thing to me. It just seems like TaeYeon is the prey that had gone into a shelter and when she came out, there were a flock of hunters waiting for her there, waiting to shoot her down. I wasn't there, so I may be wrong, but from the fancams and photos, it seems like after she came out, the hunters were there armed at their positions, waiting to aim and shoot at her (I mean literally, the fans were armed with their cameras, aiming and shooting at her). Seriously kind of pity her. I mean she's here for a vacation with her family. And her family is just regular people just like you and me. I mean how would you feel if suddenly an army of people were there shooting their cameras at you when you were having a holiday? Besides, how would TaeYeon have felt there?

Looking at the fancam, I seriously think that she was extremely nice given the situation. I was surprised when she actually waved at one of the camera and she didn't look pissed. If it was me, I would have been really pissed. (Actually, I think if it was SooYoung, she would have been pissed too.... Hahah. Don't get me wrong, she's my fav in SNSD. But I think she'll be the type that will just show on her face or through words directly to the fans if she's pissed and if she thinks that something is wrong and I really love her for it). People were disturbing her holiday and shooting at her and her family members. Clearly, her family members are not used to cameras being pointed at them and shooting at them.

Some may actually say that she's a celebrity. She should had anticipated this type of situation since she's a well-known star and she's in an Asian country. Well, I think she would have expected some fans and some people to recognise her in Singapore and ask for her autographs and pictures and such and I think she's prepared to gladly oblige to those requests (seen by the fact that she took the photo with that fan at Universal Studio and by fan accounts that says that they had her autograph), but I don't think that she expected a flock of armed fans, pointing their cameras at her and her family and shouting her name and what-nots when they exited the Flyer. I mean if you really want to stalk, do it discreetly! Pointing the camera straight at them is rude (especially since her family members are there too and they're not public figures). Shouting and cheering when they came out was really rude as well. WTH. It's not even an autograph session. It's a private trip which is supposed to be as low-keyed as possible. Sadly speaking, to me, the whole situation just make me think that the celebrity is being treated like an animal on showcase. Visitors visiting, looking at the animal and cheering at the animal which was trapped in the cage.... Doesn't it fit the situation?

I know that it's extremely rare that Korean stars visits Singapore and it's definitely a good chance to catch a glimpse of TaeYeon in Singapore since we might never get a chance to do so ( Singapore's market is really small and looking at those past events which Korean stars had in Singapore, fans usually have to spend quite an amount of money in order to catch a glimpse of their favourite star up close). I was really tempted to catch a glimpse of TaeYeon in person too. But what I would do if I had been there would be to just try to go unnoticed and just look at her from a distance. If the place is not crowded, then I may try to go forward and ask for an autograph or photo (if I'm daring enough to do it). At the very least, try to not make her uncomfortable. She and her family are not performing on stage, there's no need to shout or cheer. They're just trying to spend time normally, so put down those cameras! Ask for permission if you really want to have a photo taken instead of just pointing the camera straight to their faces!

Do I still have to talk about the thing about the fan flashing the camera at her face and the crazy fan who grabbed her? That's only 2 people yeah, so I think they're just unable to control themselves.... Gotta learn how to behave.... Seriously she had to rights to get pissed.

Really admire TaeYeon for this. How she could still look not pissed or get angry over it. Actually from that fancam that was uploaded (that one that was uploaded widely on Youtube where she said "please" to the fan to stop filming when she exited the Flyer), I thought that was cool of her to do so. She did it really politely but still indicated that she was uncomfortable about being filmed. But somehow the way she said it makes her look kinda helpless in the situation. I mean she stopped 1 person from filming, but weren't there so many cameras still pointing at her at that time?

Till now, I still don't understand why she chose to come Singapore for her holiday since she may be recognizable here. I guess she didn't expect fans to go that far. Actually with the ease of the internet nowadays, news get spreaded freaking fast and wide. Imagine that if there's no internet, strangers won't be able to update each other of news and stuffs and of course such a thing won't happen. Hah. But without the internet, I guess people won't get to know SNSD, Korean stars or celebrities in general as much as they do now either and there won't be so much fandom going around. That's the plus and minus of technology.

Lastly, I'm really hoping fans aren't camping at the hotel that she's rumored to be staying at (if she's still in Singapore) or chasing her around. Give her some privacy and space. Let her enjoy her remaining trip here if she's still in Singapore. Be mature and think for her if you're really a fan. And here's a video that truely illustrate the point.

(credit to ittimab for uploading)

TaeYeon's in Singapore!

Cool. Was surprised when I saw on twitter that TaeYeon was spotted in Singapore at VivoCity and Universal Studio (there's a picture of her there). Kinda surprised she'll choose to visit Singapore for a holiday. Not ALL Singaporeans are into Kpop, but the number is definitely increasing with the Hallyu now. So I think even though alot of people may not recognise her if she walked by along the streets, but there'll definitely be people who are into Kpop and will know who she is. Hope she'll be able to tour around Singapore in peace since fans would probably trying to hunt her down in Singapore. Lol.