Sunday, June 20, 2010

[Live] Sun Yan Zi 孙燕姿 Live

Miss her and her singing. Hopefully her new album will be out soon. It's been years.....

Here's some of her perfect live singing. Simply love her live. Amazing singer.

開始懂了(Kai Shi Dong Le) (uploaded by minnow123)

我也很想他 (Wo Ye Hen Xiang Ta) (uploaded by allureevens)

我要的幸福 My Desired Happiness (Wo Yao De Xing Fu) (Uploaded by digitman0000)
One of her signature song. The song/album was a hit in 2000. Wow, it's been 10 years.....

Silent all these Years (uploaded by sesamiapple)
One of the songs in her Album, "Start". Strong vocals

我怀念的 (Wo Huai Nian De) (uploaded by Absoloo)
One of her songs in her last album, Ni Guang. Another great ballad. Been about 3 years since she realised an album. Still waiting....

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