Sunday, July 25, 2010

[Music]Shinee Lucifer Comeback

SHINee - Up & Down + Lucifer [Music Bank] (uploaded by UnknownCarrot150)

SHINee - Up & Down + Lucifer [Music Core]
(uploaded by UnknownCarrot150)

Cool concept. I wasn't really that interested in them since I thought they had the little boy image (with the RingDingDong song) . But I thought this time, their comeback image was really cool. TaeMin actually looks hot and JongHyun looks really sexy. MinHo looks charismatic as usual, Onew is cute and Key's hair was a really bold attempt (kind of edgy actually).

Great performance. They sounded great live and the choreography for the dance was good. Really like the ending pose for Lucifer. And somehow the song sounds better live than on CD. The song wasn't exactly memorable for me when I heard their album (don't really dig the auto-tunes), but the live version was surprisingly good. Great comeback.

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