Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Music] Kan Mi Yeon - Paparazzi

Kan Mi Yeon - Paparazzi

Didn't exactly like this song when I first saw it, but damn, the chorus is freaking catchy. It's totally stuck in my head.
I'm a pa pa pa pa razzi pa pa razzi~
Long hair Kan Mi Yeon looks like how she looked back in the old days again.... And I still thought she had surgery or sth when she had short hair coz she looked so different with short hair! I actually like he with short hair more.

Friday, February 18, 2011

[Drama] Dream High

Watched 13 eps of Dream High in the past 2 days. The drama is seriously not bad at all since initially I thought it'd be lame with all the idols casted.

First and foremost, Kim Soo Hyun / Song Sam Dong really captured my attention in the drama. I think that Kim Soo Hyun is a good actor and he managed to bring across the character's emotions across so well. When he cries, you'll wanna cry along with him and when he's smile, he's just so adorable that you feel like bringing him home. Can't help but fall in love with him.

Next, Taecyeon/ Jin Gook really surprised me since I didn't know he CAN act. Being an idol and all that, I thought he's all just looks. But, he proves me wrong. He grasped those emotional scenes well and I cant help but pity Jin Gook to some extent.

Eun Jung's (Yoon Baek Hee) acting is not bad as well. I thought it would be interesting if she had Suzy's role as Go Hye Mi instead since she somewhat suits that character. I guess I might just give Coffee House a try next since she was in it.

 Not much to comment about Suzy's (Go Hye Mi) acting since she's mostly expressionless and kinda speaks tonelessly in the drama. But that could just be her way of portraying Go Hye Mi's cold personality. But gotta say it's kinda hard to relate to Go Hye Mi since she gives off a somewhat distant feeling. When she cries, I don't have the urge to cry along. Not sure if it's the acting or just the character. Oh well....

IU is absolutely adorable as Kim Pil Sook! Why is she so cute?? Her relationship with Woo Young (Jason) is the cutest thing ever. So pure and innocent. I hope they'll have a good ending in the end.

One thing I like about the drama is that it's not focused only on the main lead + female lead. In fact, till now, I don't even know who's the lead.  Is the male lead Sam Dong or Jin Gook? Hye Mi's the female lead, but Baek Hee gets quite alot of air time as well.
Another thing is that I like the covers songs/ songs they sing the drama. Eg.

IU & Wooyoung/ Pil Sook & Jason - 'Can't Let You Go Even If I Die'

Didn't know WooYoung can sing like that.

And this is just too funny.

Dream High IU&Wooyoung - Heartbeat

Dream High Ep 13- IU + Kim Soo Hyun Duet (a capella)

A few more episodes to go before the drama ends. I hope Go Hye Mi ends up with Sam Dong in the end. If she doesn't, it's alright. Come to me, Sam Dong!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[Music]당근쏭 Carrot song

SNSD Yuri & Sunny singing 당근쏭 Carrot song

Wow, this song is so good! I learnt a new word. Dang Geun!!
I love you, you love me!!
My love Dang Geun!You're so delicious!

Friday, February 4, 2011

[Video] Star Dance Battle 2011

Watched the whole of Star Dance Battle 2011 and gotta say it's quite boring overall with just these few exceptions. Actually these 2 groups are the one which I've wanted to see their performance the most when I saw the performance list.


Like I've mentioned before, Infinite is a group that is really great dancing wise. And no doubt, they didn't disappoint. Their performace was so in sync and neat... And the moves are so clean.

 Just watch 1:41- 1:45. The best dance move ever. Awesome.


Not that in-sync as compared to Infinite, but still great performance. One complain tho it has nth to do with MBLAQ. It's annoying that there was alot of audience shots shown during their dance performance, which cut us off from enjoying their dance.....

Yeah, that's about it for Star Dance Battle 2011. Watch the rest of the performance if you've really got nothing better to do and too much time to spare.....
Now, Just to share and show how 2010 Star Dance Battle was better.

Beast Star Dance Battle 2010

Awesome dance. In sync and neat + cool moves. What could be better than this? And the irony is that they actually lost to their opponent with this dance. Like come on?

SNSD Star Dance Battle 2009

Not saying it's the best performance; I'm just posting this coz it's SNSD. But this is much better than the other (those performance besides Infinite and MBLAQ) Star Dance Battle 2011 performance.

And since it's Star Dance Battle, I'm gonna post this too though it's not a New Year Special.

100409 MBC Star Dance Battle - SNSD Smooth Criminal

Gotta love the Moon Walk.

Watching these clips are better than watching the whole Star Dance Battle 2011 IMO. Happy Chinese New Year!