Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[Movie]Love Matters

([pic credit: love matters official site)
Managed to go tickets to the movie premiere of Jack Neo's film, Love Matters thanks to Was quite surprised after watching the movie since I find that the movie is quite different from the usual Jack Neo's film. There's no political jokes, no Singlish or any jokes on current affairs. Only pure entertainment.And this time, the movie is not really family-oriented. Most of Jack Neo's past movies are suitable for the whole family to watch together, but its not the same for this movie (which is expected since the movie is rated NC16).

The casts of Love Matters was at the Gala premiere on the 20th at Vivo, and the casts look so much better in real life as compared to on screen! Alex Leong acted as a shy boy, Benny in the movie but in real life, he looked so stylo and outspoken(I like his smile!So cute.). Natalli (Benny's crush, Jennifer in the movie) usually acts as those girl who's outspoken and can't speak Chinese well, but during her short speech in the cinema, she sounded really nervous and her Chinese was alright. I think she looks really pretty in real life. She just give me a different feeling in real life as compared to on screen. Yeo Yann Yann is really pretty in real life too! HuiGe still feel the same in real life. Just feel like laughing when I look at him. Actually saw him just 2 weeks ago at the suntec 50+ exhibition.
Saw Leon from Project Superstar 2 outside the cinema too. Been seeing him around quite a few times already after PSS2. Still remembered the first time I saw him was at Tiong Bahru for the Project Superstar Promotional event and he made quite a good impression on me since he was the only one who actually turned and smiled for the camera when we knocked on the window of the van.

Love Matters was quite entertaining. A funny and light hearted film which will lighten your day. I was actually feeling quite tired and lethergic on that day, but the movie changed my mood for the day. I especially like the ending part when Jeremy met Ms Wong's family as the audience already knew what to expect and what's coming next, but there was clever delays in the scene to make things so much funnier. Another thing I wanna mention is the product placement in the movie. The New Moon product placement was so obvious that I find it quite amusing. I think if they cut that portion of the film out, it'll make a complete commercial.

Yeah, so catch Love Matters in theatres if you're in for a good laugh and is looking for a light-hearted movie to relax yourself!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Link to my previous blog entry on Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009

Register and vote for your favourite celebrities for Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 at

Nominated artists include(my votes in Green) :

Local Actors/Actresses (Movie)
Gurmit Singh
Cheng Xu Hui (Hui Ge aka Alamak)
Fann Wong
Christopher Lee
Mark Lee
Jack Neo
Liu Ling Ling
Qi Yu Wu
Wang Xin (Mindee Ong)
Yeo Yann Yann

Popular MV
Love Song- 方大同 (Khalil Fong)
病态- 林宥嘉 (Yoga Lin You Jia)
不会爱- Fahrenheit
藏经阁-棒棒堂 (lollipop)
带我走- Rainie Yang
稻香- Jay Chou
另类人生- Energy
你不是真正的快乐- Mayday
牵牵牵手- 吴克群 (Kenji Wu Ke Qun)
然后怎样- Eason Chan
收藏- 萧敬腾(Jam Hsiao)
小酒窝- JJ Lin, Charlene Choi(Ah Sa)
沿海公路的出口- SHE
洋葱- 杨宗纬(Aska Yang)

My vote goes to Fahrenheit (Duh! Wu Chun is in there), Jay Chou (I love that song) and JJ lin/Charlene Choi( Both of them looks cute together).

Popular Male Singer
Eason Chan
林峰 (Raymond Lam)
JJ Lin
Yoga Lin You Jia
Andy Lau
Show Luo
Wang Lee Hom
Jam Hsiao
Aska Yang
Jay Chou

Eason is a great singer. JJ Lin, Jay Chou and Lee Hom are talented.

Popular Female
Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)
蔡淳佳 (Joi Chua)
Tanya Chua
Jolin Tsai
Fish Leong
Stefanie Sun Yan Zi
Elva Hsiao
Ranie Yang
张韶涵 (Angela Chang)

Who else but Stefanie Sun Yan Zi? I'll just vote for her all the time.

Popular Band
Soda Green
Wu Bai & China Blue
Zhang Zhen Yue & Free Night

Gotta vote for the 天团.

Popular Group
Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop)

Yes, its Fahrenheit again. They're a good-looking bunch.

Overseas new star
Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop)
大嘴巴 Da Zui Ba
黑Girl (Hey Girl)
Yoga Lin
Liu Li Yang
Lu Guang Zhong
Y2J 神木与瞳
王若琳 Joanna Wang
Jam Hsiao
Aska Yang

Yoga Lin cause I like his songs and he amuses me. I like Liu Li Yang's recent song too. Joanna Wang has a great voice.

Local Singer
蔡淳佳 (Joi Chua)
Tanya Chua
陈伟联 (Tan Wei Lian)
何维健 (Derrick Ho)
JJ Lin
Mi Lu Bin
Kelly Poon
Stefanie Sun Yan Zi
伍家辉 (Wu Jia Hui)

Yeah, Stefanie Sun Yan Zi again. I won't vote for the others even though I want to. Actually, JJ Lin, Kelly Poon and Mi Lu Bin is good too. If Yan Zi is not nominated here, I'll probably vote for JJ Lin.

My Favourite Cover
Issue 152- SHE
Issue 113- TVB Stars
Issue 140- 12 Lotus
Issue 153- Raymond Lam
Issue 110- Show Luo
Issue 138- Money not enough
Issue 116- 沈殿霞 (Lydia Shum)
Issue 148- Wu Chun
Issue 133- Jam Hsiao
Issue 114- Jay Chou

He's just so fine looking. Jay Chou's cover is not bad too, but I won't change my votes.

Sensational Headline

MC King's death
Edison's sex scandal
Lydia Shum's death
David Gan and Addy Lee's comments
Marriage between Tony Leung and Carina Lau
Li Ya Peng hitting 3 reporters
Choi Jin Sil's suicide
伊能静 Anni Yi caught holding hands with a guy
李嘉欣 (Michelle Lee)'s marriage
Quan Yi Feng's divorce

Edison's sex scandal is just too sensational. Choi Jin Sil's suicide was shocking too.

Best Song
Bo Le- Yoga Lin
Yang Cong- Aska Yang
有你的快乐- Joanna Wang
为你写诗- Kenji Wu Ke Qun
然后怎样- Eason Chan
稻香 Fragrant Rice- Jay Chou
逃生- Jeff Chang
冲动- Elva Hsiao
沿海公路的出口- SHE
会呼吸的痛- Fish Leong
为你存在- Fahrenheit

I'll be voting for Elva's Chong Dong most of the time since I really like the song and to add on, Jang Hyuk appeared in the MV! I like Jay Chou's Fragrant Rice too. Joanna Wang's 有你的快乐aand Fish Leong's 会呼吸的痛 are nice as well. Won't be voting for Fahrenheit here since I don't find them that much of a singer.

YanZi Si Chuan EarthQuake follow up

sohu coverage of yanzi's sichuan trip(uploaded credit: sunfrenzy)

Even Sun Yan Zi is wearing plaids! its seriously the fashion now. Haha.

Its nice to see Yan Zi doing follow-up of the relief efforts of Si Chuan EarthQuake. Remembered that she mentioned in an interview before that the relief efforts for the EarthQuake is not a one-off thing. It should be an on-going effort to help to rebuild the damages. I'm really glad that she fulfilled her words and did a follow up now. Alot of artists came forward to donate money immediately after the Si Chuan EarthQuake disaster but we don't see alot of artists following up on the relief efforts.... Just like Yan Zi said, the rebuilding part is not a one-off thing. Its an on-going effort and the rebuilding will take a long period of time.


I like this picture. Cute!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Got Married Ep 39, 40

Just finished watching We Got Married episode 39 and 40. The new couple (KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji) was not bad! I actually find them quite cute together. I thought Lee Yoon Ji looked really familiar, but I just can't point out where I saw her. Only realised that was the one who acted as Shin's sister in Goong (Princ
ess Hour) after reading the comments on Youtube.

She was quite alright in Goong, and I quite like her character after watching the 1st 2 episodes of her on We Got Married. She seems to be quite a smart and down-to-earth girl.

(all pic credits as tagged)
KangIn has a very cute and boyish charm. Even though Lee Yoon Ji and KangIn is about the same age, I find that Lee Yoon Ji looks slightly more mature.

From the 1st episode, both of them already found things that they have in common, so that's quite a good start! I think that they'll pair off pretty well. It seems like the producer is trying to create and empathesize their image as a "university student couple", so we'll just see how it goes.

Marco and Son Dam Bi couple is getting better. We get to see the playful and cheeky of Son Dam Bi. Besides, I think Marco's image now (after he cut his hair) is much better as compared to the 1st few episodes. At least he's more manly and sweet-talk less often now. I didn't really like his behaviour in the beginning episodes, but I find him okay now that he had cut down on the sweet-talking and exaggerated behaviour. Son Dam Bi seems abit too smart for Marco. She managed to trick him a couple of times in the 2 episodes without him realising it at all. Lol.

Hwanyobi couple is still interesting to watch. Its funny how their house is so big that it seems like they stay at home for most of the episodes now. There's even a suana in their house!

Really appreciate all the efforts done by the subbers to sub the videos. I know its not easy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

[29 Dec 2008]MBC Entertainment Award

Andy and Solbi on red carpet photo session( uploaded by mariapiano)

The way they linked their hands was so... natural.

Ansol Red Carpet Photo session 2 (uploaded by mariapiano)

081229 Andy- Solbi @ MBC Entertainment Awards (uploaded by: berlala112)

AnBi at Red Carpet Interview English subbed (uploaded by samainee)

Only for the pretense of the show, then let go of the hands!!! Lol.

081229 MBC Entertainment Award - WGM Cast Winning Award and interview (uploaded by HoshitTsuki)

Its nice to see all the couples back on screen again.

291208 MBC Joongbo Dance (uploaded by Rainbowccy)

JoongBo presenting award (eng subbed) (uploaded by ckcjms)

Crown J & Seo In Young Red Carpet @ MBC Entertainment Awards (uploaded by: MarriedSubs)

291208 MBC Joongbo Won Best Couple(uploaded by rainbowccy)

HwanHee & (화요비) Hwayobi- Endless Love (uploaded by rikkimargarette)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

[Dec 30 2008]KBS Music Festival

Musical Mamma Mia @ KBS Music Festival(credit: CodeAnalysis)
They should have put Baek Ji Young with Kim Jong Kook. If they had partnered for the dance, I would have used a pink frame for this video. Nevertheless, Kim Jong Kook looked so cute dancing.

Mamma Mia Rehearsal (uploaded by BrightenSunye)

Baek Ji Young (백지영) & Kim Jong Kook (김종국) 'Gwanghwamun Love Song'
Quite alright duet, but I prefer their previous duet.

Baek Ji Young (백지영) - 총맞은 것처럼 Like Being Hit By A Bullet & Laugh (jaeurazn1live)

I'm loving Baek Ji Young's LIke being hit By a Bullet song after hearing it during her duet with Kim Jong Kook.She has got lots of other nice songs too. Great singer who sings with emotions and great songs.

Family Band @SBS Entertainment Award 2008

081230 Family Band singing Kite and DBSK's Balloons (uploaded by chauCNN)

It feels really empty without Hyori there. It just seems like there's something missing.... If she's there, the atmosphere would be totally different. I think she would most probably be able to make the atmosphere more "high".
But she really gotta rest well....