Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Got Married Ep 39, 40

Just finished watching We Got Married episode 39 and 40. The new couple (KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji) was not bad! I actually find them quite cute together. I thought Lee Yoon Ji looked really familiar, but I just can't point out where I saw her. Only realised that was the one who acted as Shin's sister in Goong (Princ
ess Hour) after reading the comments on Youtube.

She was quite alright in Goong, and I quite like her character after watching the 1st 2 episodes of her on We Got Married. She seems to be quite a smart and down-to-earth girl.

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KangIn has a very cute and boyish charm. Even though Lee Yoon Ji and KangIn is about the same age, I find that Lee Yoon Ji looks slightly more mature.

From the 1st episode, both of them already found things that they have in common, so that's quite a good start! I think that they'll pair off pretty well. It seems like the producer is trying to create and empathesize their image as a "university student couple", so we'll just see how it goes.

Marco and Son Dam Bi couple is getting better. We get to see the playful and cheeky of Son Dam Bi. Besides, I think Marco's image now (after he cut his hair) is much better as compared to the 1st few episodes. At least he's more manly and sweet-talk less often now. I didn't really like his behaviour in the beginning episodes, but I find him okay now that he had cut down on the sweet-talking and exaggerated behaviour. Son Dam Bi seems abit too smart for Marco. She managed to trick him a couple of times in the 2 episodes without him realising it at all. Lol.

Hwanyobi couple is still interesting to watch. Its funny how their house is so big that it seems like they stay at home for most of the episodes now. There's even a suana in their house!

Really appreciate all the efforts done by the subbers to sub the videos. I know its not easy!

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