Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[Movie]Love Matters

([pic credit: love matters official site)
Managed to go tickets to the movie premiere of Jack Neo's film, Love Matters thanks to Was quite surprised after watching the movie since I find that the movie is quite different from the usual Jack Neo's film. There's no political jokes, no Singlish or any jokes on current affairs. Only pure entertainment.And this time, the movie is not really family-oriented. Most of Jack Neo's past movies are suitable for the whole family to watch together, but its not the same for this movie (which is expected since the movie is rated NC16).

The casts of Love Matters was at the Gala premiere on the 20th at Vivo, and the casts look so much better in real life as compared to on screen! Alex Leong acted as a shy boy, Benny in the movie but in real life, he looked so stylo and outspoken(I like his smile!So cute.). Natalli (Benny's crush, Jennifer in the movie) usually acts as those girl who's outspoken and can't speak Chinese well, but during her short speech in the cinema, she sounded really nervous and her Chinese was alright. I think she looks really pretty in real life. She just give me a different feeling in real life as compared to on screen. Yeo Yann Yann is really pretty in real life too! HuiGe still feel the same in real life. Just feel like laughing when I look at him. Actually saw him just 2 weeks ago at the suntec 50+ exhibition.
Saw Leon from Project Superstar 2 outside the cinema too. Been seeing him around quite a few times already after PSS2. Still remembered the first time I saw him was at Tiong Bahru for the Project Superstar Promotional event and he made quite a good impression on me since he was the only one who actually turned and smiled for the camera when we knocked on the window of the van.

Love Matters was quite entertaining. A funny and light hearted film which will lighten your day. I was actually feeling quite tired and lethergic on that day, but the movie changed my mood for the day. I especially like the ending part when Jeremy met Ms Wong's family as the audience already knew what to expect and what's coming next, but there was clever delays in the scene to make things so much funnier. Another thing I wanna mention is the product placement in the movie. The New Moon product placement was so obvious that I find it quite amusing. I think if they cut that portion of the film out, it'll make a complete commercial.

Yeah, so catch Love Matters in theatres if you're in for a good laugh and is looking for a light-hearted movie to relax yourself!

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