Friday, January 16, 2009

YanZi Si Chuan EarthQuake follow up

sohu coverage of yanzi's sichuan trip(uploaded credit: sunfrenzy)

Even Sun Yan Zi is wearing plaids! its seriously the fashion now. Haha.

Its nice to see Yan Zi doing follow-up of the relief efforts of Si Chuan EarthQuake. Remembered that she mentioned in an interview before that the relief efforts for the EarthQuake is not a one-off thing. It should be an on-going effort to help to rebuild the damages. I'm really glad that she fulfilled her words and did a follow up now. Alot of artists came forward to donate money immediately after the Si Chuan EarthQuake disaster but we don't see alot of artists following up on the relief efforts.... Just like Yan Zi said, the rebuilding part is not a one-off thing. Its an on-going effort and the rebuilding will take a long period of time.


I like this picture. Cute!

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