Sunday, February 1, 2009

[Movie]The Wedding Game

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Watched The Wedding Game 2-3 weeks ago. The plot was Bleh. Everything was too predictable. Its like we already know what's going to happen next. Besides, the ad for the movie makes people anticipate it to be a really funny movie since the trailer shown on TV says that it was the most hilirous movie of the year (or something along that line). But after watching the movie, I don't find the movie very funny. I think Jack Neo's Love Matters is so much funnier than this movie. If I have to vote, I'll definitely choose Love Matters over The Wedding Game.

I think the major attraction for the movie is no doubt the 2 leads, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. Since both of them are a real-life celeb couple which draws alot of interest from Singaporeans, having them together on big screen is definitely a major attraction. Besides, they're also getting married soon, so having both of them in a movie that is related to wedding and relationship blurred the line between reel and real life of the couple.

Netherless to say, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee's chemistry is great and they are the driving forces of the movie. Without them starring in the movie, I don' t think the tickets would be selling as good as it is now.

I think the problem of the movie is that firstly, the plot lacks depth. The main plot was just that both of them are not very famous celebrities and they pretended to be lovers in order to generate more headlines for themselves. However, in actual fact, both of them hate each other. But as you would have guessed, they begin to discover each other's good points and gradually fell in love. Yup. That pretty much sums up the plot. Throughout the movies, there were alot of scenes of them squabbling with each other etc. Some of the parts could be better developed as well. For example the part about the obsessive fan and also the relationship between Tom (Blackie) and May (Alice Lau). It would also be good if there were some surprises in the plot instead of it being so dull and predictable. Despite saying that, I think that the plot may have been alright if the characters in the movie are better developed.

The characters in the movie lacks depth. I'm still not quite sure of the personality of Jack (Christopher Lee) and Vikki (Fann Wong) even after watching the whole movie. Throughout the movie, I'm just assuming that Jack is Christopher Lee and Vikki is Fann Wong. So I'm seeing them as their real-life personalities since there's not much development and in-depth introduction of the personlities of Jack and Vikki.

Yup, so just catch this movie if you're a fan of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. If not, maybe Love Matters may be a better comedy to watch!