Sunday, May 16, 2010

[Music] Wonder Girls- 2 Different Tears

Saw and downloaded the song on Tap Tap Revenge today since the song was free. The song is very catchy and I could sing the chorus after listening to it just once. Nice song. Youtubed it and realised there's a Korean and Chinese version as well. But I still prefer the English version as it seems like the voice is less digitally-enhanced and we could actually hear their voices clearly. The background music for the Korean and Chinese versions are too loud and we could barely hear their voices (especially the Chinese version and I think it's not such a smart choice to make the song sound like that at all since most of the songs in the Chinese market focuses on the voices of the singers instead of heavy background beats of the music. So I don't think the song will be extremely hot in the Chinese market. If they produced the song different, it could be a hit since the song is so catchy. What a waste.)

Whatever it is, I really like the English version.

Wonder Girls_2 Different Tears_English (uploaded by: wondergirls)

And here's the link for the Korean version and Chinese version.
Korean version
Chinese version
Oh ya, another thing I wanna mention. I really LOL at JYP's Chinese during the MV.