Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Lovely Sam Soon (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon)

Just finished watching My Lovly Sam soon and I really enjoyed the show.
The main cast is mighty fine looking.

Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin Hun

I like his cute dimples.

He looked cool and aloof when he don't smile and when he looked really cute when he smile especially with the dimples.

Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam Soon

She's cute in the show. Kudos to Kim Su Ah who really went all out for this role, ditching her image and acted as the rough and totally unfeminine Kim Sam Soon.

Jung Ryeo Won as Yoo Hee Jin

I think she's pretty especially with minimal makeup on her face. She got a nice smile too.

Daniel Henney as Henry Kim

He has got a really nice smile.

The part where Kim Sam Soon was trying to speak to Henry in English was really funny. Kim Sam Soon muttering to herself in Korean and Henry with the 'huh?' look and cute smile on his face.

I wanted Jin Hun to be with Hee Jin at first since both of them looked good together and had a really long relationship.

but Kim Sam Soon is really adorable too even though she's older than Jin Hun.

Then there's Henry, who's such a darling to Hee Jin. So I'm quite glad that Henry was together with Hee Jin in the end.They look good together too.