Friday, June 27, 2008

Kim Ji Hun's Wedding

Pic credits as labelled.

Hahaha. This is funny. Just look at difference between the photos of the other celebrities who attended the wedding and the photo of Kim Jong Kook. Everyone else was posing nicely in front of the camera, with a nice looking background, but what about KJK?
He looked like he's in a hurry again (he seems to be in a hurry everytime he attends a wedding). He looked quite surprised and it seems like the photo was taken while he was walking.
Cute! Man in black at wedding again~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Got Married - Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo + Crown J, So In Young

We Got Married Ep 14 - Crown J and Seo In Young 1/2 (en) (uploaded up coolsmurf)

It was funny when Crown J was trying to show off his muscles.
Funny Quotes:
It So In Young" People now call me a witch when they see me!!!"
Crown J " Its all right that they call you a witch, they call me an ant!!!"

Haha. The ant and witch couple...

We got married Ep 14 Hyunjoong/Hwangbo ENG SUBBED 1/2(uploaded up quaite501)

Hwang Bo "I'm old, so tired. Not tired? [asking Hyun Joong]"
Hyun Joong " Because I'm still young"

Hyun Joong "You go rest, you don't look so good"

LMAO. He was treating Hwang Bo as if she's some old granny.

The catching part was cute. "Like african tribe hunting". Lolz.

We got married Ep 14 Hyunjoong/Hwangbo ENG SUBBED 2/2 (uploaded up quaite501)

Hwang Bo is often very conscious of the awkward silence between them, but Hyun Joong doesn't really seem to be bothered by it.
Hyun Joong: Think of something else then! That one over there, its JungMin spitting saliva" [pointed to something](camera then zoomed in on a statue of a horse with water flowing out of its mouth)

Hyun Joong: Last time when wife debuted as Chakra, I thought you were an Indian member. There was this dot over here (gestured to his forehead), so I thought you they had an Indian woman "
Hyun Joong: The name Hwang Bo is also not suitable... Should be called Al-ma-ja-ha-de"

We Got Married Ep 14 - Crown J and Seo In Young 2/2 (en)[including Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong Couple](uploaded by coolsmurf)

Its interesting for Hyun Joong Hwang Bo couple to meet Crown J, Seo In Young couple at the swimming theme park since both the couples have very different styles. Crown J and Seo In Young couple is more outward and open in their actions and interactions between each other. They're also very outspoken and noisy together whileas Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong is more quiet and abit awkward with each other (there're ALOT of awkward silence between them when they're together)

HwangBo was bending down and mimicking Seo In Young's action when she was talking with her at 09:42. Cute!

Funny Quotes:
Crown J " You have to stretch like this [started to stretch]"
In Young " Cannot. Others would faint-!!If I did that !!! What if all the other guys see me doing that? [started doing some weird gestures]
Crown J "No no no don't do that"

Seo Young when Crown J was putting on a life jacket for her "This spoils my image. Its like a primary school kid!!!"

Hhahah. Actually she really looked like a primary school kid in that life jacket.

We Got Married Ep 15 - Crown J and Seo In Young 1/3 (en)(uploaded by coolsmurf)

Hyun Joong "I didn't want her to jump... What if her bikini comes off after she jumps? I don't want that, and thankfully she didn't jump"

We Got Married Ep 15 - Crown J and Seo In Young 3/3 (en)(uploaded by coolsmurf)

Crown J was giving Hyun Joong some advices on relationship and a few seconds later, he and In Young was quarrelling.
Funny moments
In Young: When its time to go, you have to go.
Hyun Joong: Cinderella

Hwang Bo: How is it that both of you can start fighting so fast. Its really amazing.

It was funny to see Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong watching Crown J and In Young squabble. Hwang Bo seems to find it funny and amusing while Hyun Joong was quite taken aback by their squabble.

Hwang Bo: I'm stuffed. I can't eat anymore
Hyun Joong: I also can't quite eat anymore. But because it's expensive, so I'm still eating.

Hyun Joong: Why didn't they pick up their dropped fork before leaving...


It was funny how Crown J and Seo In Young started fooling around with one another right after they quarrelled.
Alex: The two of them.... seems to have short-termed amnesia?

Hahaha. Alex's comment is is true!

I find myself looking forward to Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo couple each week cause Hyun Joong is just so funny! Even though he don't really talk alot, but whenever he says something or make some comments, it never fail to crack me up!

Crown J and Seo In Young couple is also growing on me. I thought they were quite fake at first, but now , I think that their interaction is amusing. They're also very competible.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

[Video] Guess Who?

Guess who?
Such a cute and skinny panda.

Video credit: rubyhylau

Vote for Yan Zi MTV Asia Awards 2008!

Lee Hom and Yan Zi duet: Light the passion, share the dream

News Video Link

Full song: Yan Zi and Lee Hom's Light the Passion, Share the Dream[Beijing Olympics song]

Both of the sounded good singing live together! And Yan Zi don't have a duet with any male singers together before (not counting the duet with Mayday and ZIP) . Hopefully there'll be duet in her next album!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Latte Art Printing Machine

Latte Art Printing Machine

But its just a cup of coffee after all.... The picture will be gone in a couple of minutes time when you drink it.
But its kinda cool though.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jang Hyuk in Elva Hsiao's new MV

[MV]Elva Hsiao's new song: 冲动 (chong dong) with Jang Hyuk

I think the song is nice.

[Video]News: NG scenes
Elva said she's quite shy coz she has very little experience of acting with a guy. And to add on, Jang Hyuk is a very good actor, so it made her even more shy. The MV talks about 2 people who like each other, but are still in the unknown/unsure stage as both haven't confess to each other. So both may be thinking whether the other party has the same feeling towards him/her.

Still haven't see this scene in the MV yet....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Korean Singers singing Chinese songs

Listen to all the songs below (except for The Perfect Interaction which I can't find on imeem)
Korean Chinese

Hug(Chinese) by DBSK

I didn't know there's a Chinese version for this song. I really like the Korean version of the song, so I was quite surprised when I came across the Chinese version by them.
I think their Chinese pronounciations is not bad.

Unforgettable (Chinese) by DBSK
DBSK unforgettable chinese
I think DBSK's Chinese pronounciations is surprisingly good. At least they sound like they are singing in Chinese.

I'm Still Loving You by Baby Vox
Im still loving you - Baby V.O.X

Sweet Dream by Jang Na Ra
甜梦Sweet Dream - 张娜拉Zhang Na Ra
I won't think that its a Chinese song when I first listen to it. It still sound like she's singing korean even though she's singing in Chinese.

Kangta and Vaness
A group made up of a Korean(Kangta) and a Chinese(Vaness). I think they only had 1 album together and they have songs with the Chinese as well as Korean version. Dunno what happened to the group...
127 Days
127 Days - Kangta And Vaness
Scandal (Mandarin) - Kangta & Vanness

The Perfect Interaction (MV)
Lee Hom's new song which featured Korean singers Rain and Lim Jeong Hee (J-Lim)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gatsby Ads

Gatsby's Ads always never fail to catch my attention on the TV. Just take a look at the following ads which was showed in Sg before.


When I first saw this ad, I was thinking what in the world was he spraying onto his body since Gatsby is a brand which sells mainly hair product.... Hair spay on body???
Isn't that abit too much Deodorant on the body? =P

Moving Rubber

Gatsby extreme hair colours

Still remember this ad? When you're Happy and you know it clap your hair~~
This is like the classic which got everyone's attention.

Those not shown in SG before.


Hair Dye

Hahaha. I didn't know there's another version for the hair clapping one.


Their ads have catchy songs and at least the ads are different from those usual ads we see on TV. Even though the ads seems to be quite irrelevant or even ridiculous sometimes, I think their ad compaigns are very successful since the ultimate purpose of ads is to get the public's attention on your products right?

Interesting Gatsby self- made ads

I think its quite creative+entertaining. Maple+ Gatsby?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

[Video] Yan Zi @ Si Chuan with the children

[2008.6.1] 孫燕姿客串老師為四川學生打氣 愛心滿滿滿 (credit: pamperzi)

Monday, June 2, 2008

[Pic]Cast for PD Lee's new production


picture credits as labelled on picture.

Jeong Il Wu and Min Hyo Rin will be the new cast for PD's Lee's new show "Triple"

I think the girl looks quite cute.=D