Thursday, June 12, 2008

Korean Singers singing Chinese songs

Listen to all the songs below (except for The Perfect Interaction which I can't find on imeem)
Korean Chinese

Hug(Chinese) by DBSK

I didn't know there's a Chinese version for this song. I really like the Korean version of the song, so I was quite surprised when I came across the Chinese version by them.
I think their Chinese pronounciations is not bad.

Unforgettable (Chinese) by DBSK
DBSK unforgettable chinese
I think DBSK's Chinese pronounciations is surprisingly good. At least they sound like they are singing in Chinese.

I'm Still Loving You by Baby Vox
Im still loving you - Baby V.O.X

Sweet Dream by Jang Na Ra
甜梦Sweet Dream - 张娜拉Zhang Na Ra
I won't think that its a Chinese song when I first listen to it. It still sound like she's singing korean even though she's singing in Chinese.

Kangta and Vaness
A group made up of a Korean(Kangta) and a Chinese(Vaness). I think they only had 1 album together and they have songs with the Chinese as well as Korean version. Dunno what happened to the group...
127 Days
127 Days - Kangta And Vaness
Scandal (Mandarin) - Kangta & Vanness

The Perfect Interaction (MV)
Lee Hom's new song which featured Korean singers Rain and Lim Jeong Hee (J-Lim)

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