Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kim Jong Kook Duet with Baek Ji Young

Kim Jong Kook and Baek Ji Young duet,

총 맞은 것처럼(Like Being Hit By a Bullet) and "Today more than Yesterday" (credit: wkfskstmdgh)

Totally awesome duet. Their voices compliment each other so well! Its so good I had to play and listen to it several times.

Baek Ji Young's Like being Hit By a Bullet  MV
(credit: wondersmurf)

Beautiful song.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

【LIVE】081219.Last Christmas & 고맙다 (uploaded by papitus77)

[Hong Kong Drama]The Academy 学警雄心

Just finished watching The Academy (学警雄心) [Hong Kong Drama]. At first, I wantched the drama cause of the cast. I thought the 2 male leads are quite good looking.
Image Hosted by

Ron Ng
吴卓羲 as Chung Lap Man (Man)

Sammul Chan
陈键锋 as Wai Pak Kiu (Kiu)

(Pic credit: Ron's Baidu & Sammul's Baidu)

Looking at them do drills under the hot sun, get scolded by their Sir, get punished, the thing about one for all, all for one and staying united brought back fond memories of my CCA days.

How the sir will keep shouting and asking them to lock their arms when they march, asking them to look straight, check their dressing etc. When lecturing, the sir seem as if they are addressing the whole squad, but actually some words are meant only for some specific people but they just won't single out those people or name them. Instead,they'll lecture they whole squad and it seems like they are speaking to the whole squad in general, but in fact they'll give those stare/look at the specific person(s) which those words are actually meant for when they are lecturing so that those people will know obviously that the sir is referring to them. How the squad hangs out regularly even after their training etc etc.

All these are so familiar...
Those were the days....
I miss shooting!

Watched the mandarin dubbed version and it was interesting to hear all the drill commands in English. In Singapore, drill commands are in Malay, so its like we'll have to memorize those commands by heart in order to understand them. But it seems like they use English drill commands in HK, so it was quite weird hearing them command in English. Learning drill commands would be so much easier if they were in English. Then we won't have to memorise like mad or learn to differentiate our Kanan(Right) and Kiri(left) all over again.

Overall, I enjoyed the drama and I'm in the process of watching The Academy 2 now. Think there's a season 3 too, so I might just watch on after finishing the 2nd one.
The ending for the drama for season 1 was sad.... And the beginning episodes for season 2 was sad as well....I'll very much prefer a happy ending rather then a sad one...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Robot dancing Nobody

This is funny and cool at the same time.

Robot dancing Nobody

Original Nobody Performance of Nobody By Wondergirls

Wonder Girls - Nobody + Tell Me @ Korean Pop Night 2008

We Got Married / Hwan Hee

Finally managed to catch up on WGM after so long. The old couples are leaving one by one and it seems like pretty soon, all the old couples would be gone, leaving only the new couples.... That doesn't look quite optimistic for the show. The rating for the show is not really doing that great either. And to make it worse, it seems like the producer is trying to tell everyone that We Got Married is scripted. I mean its becoming more and more obvious to tell that it is largely scripted. During the starting of the show, at least the scripting wasn't that obvious (even though I thought that the Ant couple looked pretty scripted to me from the beginning). The other couples weren't that bad.

Now, the Ant couple part looks like a typical sitcom with all the "family" thing going on. I think its not such a good idea to get Jung Hyung Don into the whole family idea with the Ant couple. Yeah, its something fresh, but the way they filmed it with the captions make it look exactly like a sitcom and the problem is that that is not what the users want. Audience are attracted to the show at the beginning due to the fact that they enjoy watching the natural interaction between the couples, which lead them to support the couple they like and hope that there's something more to their relationship off screen. Therefore, when the producer makes it so obvious that the whole show is scripted, the show somehow loses its appeal. People watch the show to see the interaction between the couple and see how their relationship develops on screen, as well as offscreen since we'll want the couple to go together off screen for real!

If the audience want a sitcom, they could just go watch a drama instead watching a "variety show" (which is supposed to be natural and not as scripted) which pretends to be "reality TV". At least make it less obvious that its scripted so that the audience can at least have some hope!

Besides that, the leaving of the old couples will affect the show greatly too. People takes time to accept new ideas. The old couples already have a group of followers and fans loyally supporting the couples, so if they keep changing the couples on the show, these group of loyal fans of the old couples may have the patience to start all over again and watch those new couples. Besides, people will tend to compare the new couple with the old ones and of course, the old and original couples would be favoured. So of course fans would be lost during the process.

With JoongBo couple leaving next episode, things ain't looking that great.
I'll probably still watch the show though since I quite like HwanYobi couple and Son Dam Bi.

I thought I wrote a post about the new couples before, about Hwan Hee's before and after surgery thing, but I can't find the entry. In that case, I'll just blog about it now.

I thought HwanYobi couple was interesting. Hwayobi is a funny and eccentric girl and she can really surprise people with her actions or words sometimes. Hwan Hee is kinda like a man's man. Cool, suave and appears to be mean but is actually a very nice guy. And to add on, he's really good looking.

Yeah, he had surgery before, but so what? Actually I thought he didn't look that bad last time.
I didn't recognize him when he first appear on We Got Married. I just thought the name sounded familiar. Hwan Hee.... Hmmmm... Didn't he appear on Xman before? Hwan Hee... the Fany from Fly To The Sky? But.... he don't look like him.

Xman - Hee Jin & Jong Min vs Fany

Yeah, not bad.
But now, he's totally Hot!

Yeah, think he had his nose and probably double eyelid done. But surgery or not, what matters is that he's really hot now!

As for Marco and Son Dam Bi couple, both of them looks good.
My first impression of Marco was that he's a really hyped up and energetic guy. And yup, I wasn't wrong about that. Yes, he's not bad looking (but I prefer Hwan Hee) I thought Son Dam Bi is really pretty. After watching a few episodes, I think that Marco is abit exaggerated in his actions sometimes and he seems abit too childish and abit pervertic. Haha. It seems to me like he' s more of using Son Dam Bi to show-off rather then being "married" to her.
But I like his new hairstyle now. After watching ep 37, I thought he's much better looking than I thought he was.
He looks really great in Photos during their photoshoot (Yeah, both of them just look totally perfect in their wedding photos) and he's a great model. At least that's another side of him we don't often see ( the more serious side).
I like how Son Dam Bi is always so patient and calm when dealing with Marco...

Hopefully We Got Married will continue to be enjoyable with the new couples.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Got tickets last minute and went for the movie premiere of Twilight at Lido yesterday night...
There's actually a goodie bag for everyone and apart from some the canon newsletter, light and chocolate, there's Twilight postcard and a mouspad.

(on the top are postcards and bottom is a mousepad)

The movie is about vampires and romance and overall, it was not bad. Quite alot of good looking people in the show. There were quite alot of fanatics and they were quite "high" even before the movie started. I was still wondering "Are the actors or actresses really famous or popular?" I had no idea (same for my friend) since I'm not really into western celebrities.

Main Male lead- Robert Pattinson

The moment he came on screen, fan girls were screaming and gasping. Lol. Yeah, I gotta say that he's quite good looking, but  I didn't know who he was until I did a quick google search of Twilight.

Robert Pattinson. And in his filmography, there was .... Harry Potter! I didn't realise that he was the Cedric in Harry Potter. I thought he was good looking when I watched Harry Potter last time. Now I understand where the fans come from...


Peter Facinelli

The doctor in the show. He's totally gorgeous.

Jackson Rathbone

He's not bad looking too. But I just feel like laughing when I see his face in the movie. You'll understand why after you watched the movie.

I think it would be much better if they didn't have the white powder on their face, since they totally reminds you of a vampire when you look at them. But then without the powder, they won't look like a vampire at all and this movie won't exist. Lol.

Michael Welch

I think he's cute. I like his boyish look and sunshine smile.

Yeah, its quite a nice movie overall with quite alot of eyecandies.

Same Jacket

Monday, December 8, 2008

Yan Zi Nu You Magazine

Nu You December Mag photoshoot in Melbourne


(all photo credit to

Behind the scene video

Yan Zi @ Love Amplified Concert

(Picture credit as tagged)

Yan Zi at Love Amplified Concert on 29th Nov

She's looking great with long hair. Dunno whether izzit just me, but somehow it seems like her diction is abit different now when she sings.

Razor TV interview part 1

Part 2

Looks like we'll just have to wait patiently for the next album..... Waiting for Yan Zi's new album And waiting for Yoon Eun Hye's new drama.... Already getting used to all the waiting...

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Sunday, December 7, 2008 Hot Shot English Subs

Just realised that English subs of HotShot can be found here.

Only found out recently, but I think its a really cool website.
People can just help to edit the subs which are uploaded easily and the subs will be more accurate with people editing each other's subs. Besides, it make subbing much easier and there's no need to upload the video again since you'll just have to give the link of the video (eg. From Youtube) to "upload" the raw file onto viikii and you'll be able to upload subs onto the video. People will be able to see the progress of the subs and subbers can edit each other's subs as well.... Besides, alot of people who may be able to help in subbing may not be willing or able to commit themselves to a particular subbing team, thus with the site, these people could just help to add the subs or edit them during their free time without having to commit to it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kim Jong Kook in Plaids

Kim Jong Kook is wearing lots of layers and plaids for his new album photoshoot, Here I am. Just take a look at his promotional photos. (Feel free to hotlinks the pics and use those pics links).

Here's the link to the album for the pics below.

Red plaid with a white shirt inside

Grey plaid with white shirt inside

Brown plaid with white shirt inside

Red plaids with black jacket and white shirt inside

Blue plaid with Black jacket and white shirt inside

Brown plaid with Brown jacket

Yellow Plaid with Black jacket and white shirt inside

Green Plaid with Black jacket and white shirt

(Credit as tagged and soompi)

Its either plaids + white shirt or plaids + white shirt and black/brown jacket. The difference is only the colours of the plaids. Haha. But I'm not complaining. I love his new album style and he looked so dashing and charming in all of the photos.