Sunday, December 7, 2008 Hot Shot English Subs

Just realised that English subs of HotShot can be found here.

Only found out recently, but I think its a really cool website.
People can just help to edit the subs which are uploaded easily and the subs will be more accurate with people editing each other's subs. Besides, it make subbing much easier and there's no need to upload the video again since you'll just have to give the link of the video (eg. From Youtube) to "upload" the raw file onto viikii and you'll be able to upload subs onto the video. People will be able to see the progress of the subs and subbers can edit each other's subs as well.... Besides, alot of people who may be able to help in subbing may not be willing or able to commit themselves to a particular subbing team, thus with the site, these people could just help to add the subs or edit them during their free time without having to commit to it.

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