Thursday, December 25, 2008

[Hong Kong Drama]The Academy 学警雄心

Just finished watching The Academy (学警雄心) [Hong Kong Drama]. At first, I wantched the drama cause of the cast. I thought the 2 male leads are quite good looking.
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Ron Ng
吴卓羲 as Chung Lap Man (Man)

Sammul Chan
陈键锋 as Wai Pak Kiu (Kiu)

(Pic credit: Ron's Baidu & Sammul's Baidu)

Looking at them do drills under the hot sun, get scolded by their Sir, get punished, the thing about one for all, all for one and staying united brought back fond memories of my CCA days.

How the sir will keep shouting and asking them to lock their arms when they march, asking them to look straight, check their dressing etc. When lecturing, the sir seem as if they are addressing the whole squad, but actually some words are meant only for some specific people but they just won't single out those people or name them. Instead,they'll lecture they whole squad and it seems like they are speaking to the whole squad in general, but in fact they'll give those stare/look at the specific person(s) which those words are actually meant for when they are lecturing so that those people will know obviously that the sir is referring to them. How the squad hangs out regularly even after their training etc etc.

All these are so familiar...
Those were the days....
I miss shooting!

Watched the mandarin dubbed version and it was interesting to hear all the drill commands in English. In Singapore, drill commands are in Malay, so its like we'll have to memorize those commands by heart in order to understand them. But it seems like they use English drill commands in HK, so it was quite weird hearing them command in English. Learning drill commands would be so much easier if they were in English. Then we won't have to memorise like mad or learn to differentiate our Kanan(Right) and Kiri(left) all over again.

Overall, I enjoyed the drama and I'm in the process of watching The Academy 2 now. Think there's a season 3 too, so I might just watch on after finishing the 2nd one.
The ending for the drama for season 1 was sad.... And the beginning episodes for season 2 was sad as well....I'll very much prefer a happy ending rather then a sad one...

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