Friday, June 19, 2009


Been watching quite alot of SHE videos recently and I think the 3 of them are really "feng" and can be really high when they are together. Last time, I didn't know that they are that close friends and have great chemistry together until I watched their videos and interviews. I think the 3 of them compliment each other and make up for each other's weakness and strengths. I think the reason why they are so popular is because of their geniune strong friendship, as well as their funny and straightforward characters.

Ella's impromtu lyrics made Selina and Hebe dumbfounded (uploaded by biebie0401)

Hebe and Selina just stared at Ella when she was singing her own lyrics and Hebe missed her starting, but managed to regain her composure and sing her part. Then when it was Selina's turn, she missed her part and Hebe sang her front part for her and passed her part back to her naturally. Cool chemistry.

Hebe and Selina guessing game (uploaded by ZanxiangAhBee)

Really good chemistry.

Little boy called Ella "Brother" (uploaded by ZanxiangAhBee)

This is hilarious. The little boy keep calling Ella big brother even though they told him that Ella is a sister.

I think Hebe has a really cool personality and I like the fact that even though she's the one with the less words among the 3 of them, when she said something, most of the time its either witty or funny. She's really pretty too. I think her singing has improved so much throughout the years and she has grown prettier.

Hebe at Yan Zi's concert interview (uploaded by xup3i1in9)


Hebe fell down during a live news broadcast (uploaded by hazelheng)

I think its hilarious. One minute she was being hyper and jumping, then the next minute, she's gone. And she just totally cracked up after that.