Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hot Korean Guys

Here's some hot asian guys

Won Bin

With that dashing gd look and well- maintained body, how can we not fall for him?
He's passionate about acting and talented too.

Gong Yoo

In Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy as Park Tae In

In Coffee Prince as Han Kyul

Recently starred in the popular kdrama Coffee Prince and his popularity is increasing both in korea and the other countries.
Past drama of him include One Fine Day and Biscuit Candy, Star teacher( in which the charac he acted in really resembles the Hankyul in Coffee Prince. He's adorable there as well. Childish but
sweet) He's really adorable and has a freaking cute smile that can capture the heart of girls out there, plus he have a really nice body as well (which we gotta see in Coffee Prince) ^^A pity we cant get to see more of him as he'll be enlisted in MS soon.

Takuya Kimura

In Hero

In Pride

In Good Luck

Major Japanese Hottie who is popular and well-known. Even though he's already married and is already35yrs old,his charm and charisma only increases as he ages. He's becoming more and more man and mature, which contributes to more to his charm.

Kim Jong Kook


Even though he may not have the typical handsome and good looking face, his character shines and bring out the charisma in him, which attract people to him. Beneath that bulging muscles which looks abit scary and intimidating is a guy who is gentle, shy, humorous and romantic. So dont be deceived and judge him by his cover. Besides that, his voice is also so gentle and thin(in a gd way ) that it does not suit his image at all. Listen to his songs here

Really love his songs even though I dun understand korean

5) Rain (Bi)-


I dun consider him handsome too, but he's really cute with
that small eyes of his. Besides that, his smile is really cute as he looks
really innocent and child-like wheneven he smile, juz like a little boy.
He's a really gd dancer as well and his stage presence is really
strong. He has got a hot body as well.

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