Monday, December 10, 2007

200 Pounds Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty is a lighted hearted korean comedy which actually conveys a message to the audiences.

Its about a really fat girl called Hanna(played by Kim Ah Joong) who is really good at singing, but obviously she's not attractive, therefore she could only be a 'ghost singer' for Ammy. Hanna would be the one who sings backstage while Ammy would be the person lipsyncing and performing on stage. Hanna is secretly in love with Sang-jun(played by Joo Jin Mo), the manager for Ammy, but dared not confess to him. Then one day, Ammy humilitated Hanna by making a joke outta her and after Hanna overheard some hurting words about her during the conversation between Sang-jun and Ammy, she decided to do a full body makeover/plastic surgery.

Hanna disappeared for a yr to haf the surgery, leaving Ammy's singing career in distress as she wont be able to perform. After the surgery, Hanna had a complete transformation and became an attractive girl who makes guys swoon over her. Even her best friend could not recognise her.

Sang-jun and the company was trying to find another good voice for Ammy, but did not managed to find a suitable candidate until Hanna went for the audition. Hanna introduced herself as Jenny to Sang-jun. Sang-jun didnt recognise her but was drawn to her amazing vocal and he thinks that she has the potential to become a singer. So Hanna become a singer known as Jenny and she took on the role of being Jenny, putting all her past behind her.

The movie talks about plastic surgery and put them in a new light. It shows how plastic surgery managed to give confidence to a lady and the great difference in treatment received by an ugly woman vs an attractive one. Through the exaggerated response of the guys towards the attractive Hanna, it reflects how fiticious and superfical human beings are. Being ugly is not a crime, but being pretty will bring much benefits.

Besides that, the movie also conveyed the message that it is important to not forget one's self and identity and also their family and friends.

After the surgery, Hanna didnt wan her past identity to be found out, therefore she told ppl that she's a real/geniune beauty. Apart from that, she also stopped visiting her father who is in hospital(her father is generally okay, but appears to suffer from dementia). Ammy suspected that 'Jenny' is Hanna after a conversation she had with Hanna.

In one incident, Ammy brought Hanna's father to an event, hoping that Hanna's identity would be revealed, but surprisingly Hanna didnt acknowledge her father. Her good friend was upset by the way she treated her father and also by the change in attitude and behaviour of Hanna after her surgery, therefore their friendship became more distant. Sang-jun apparently found out about Hanna's real identity eventually and Ammy threatened the company, sending a picture of the past Hanna and saying that she'll reveal Hanna's identity to the public.

Hanna's real identity became known to the company and in order to prevent the loss which may be made by the company if the news got spreaded, the boss wanted to cancel Hanna's large scale concert which was supposed to be held the next day and planned to release a porn photo album of Hanna so that the company can make as much money as they can out of her. This is strongly objected by Sang-jun and he pressed for Hanna's concert to be held.

Hanna concert was held as planned but upon seeing her father, Hanna couldnt control her emotions after her father was too ethusiastic and was going to be brought away by the security.
Hanna made a confession on stage and told the audience that she was once an ugly girl who sang backstage but mananged to become the Jenny that she is now after her surgery. However, she said that in the process of becoming Jenny, she lost her true self and identity. She no longer noes who she is and she's like an empty shell whoose soul is lost in the process.

Her speech touched the audience and she made headlines after that. She gained more fans and also more anti-fans( a very serious problem faced by korean celebrities as these anti fans are really crazy and could even do things that could harm the celebrities which they do not like).

Hanna's heart-felt speech made me teared abit and it really highlight the importance of us living our life and acknowledging and accepting ourselves as who we are. Besides that the fact tat Hanna's good friend took care of Hanna's father after Hanna dis-acknowledge him and also how Hanna went to look for the guy and beat the guy up after the guy ditched her friend, causing her to try committing suicide showed us the dept of friendship and how true friends would always be there in times of trouble to provide support.

I was quite surprised after knowing tat Kim Ah Joong is an actress and not a singer turned actress as she can really sing! The soundtracks in the movie is quite enjoyable and I especially like Kim Ah Joong's Maria(the song is embedded in the beginning of the post). Kim Ah Joong looks quite pretty at some angle and her acting in the movie was not bad.

Joo Jin Mo, the male lead is hot. Here's a picture of him
(picture credits: soompi and

I think he's not tt photogenic, so dun be so quick to judge him by the photos of him. He looks better on screen IMO. You gotta watch the movie first before deciding ;)

In all, 200 Pounds Beauty is an entertaining comedy which is worth watching. Its not just merely some brainless comedy but also conveys meaningful messages to the audience.

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