Friday, December 28, 2007

Romantic Princess (Gong Zhu Xiao Mei) Vs Goong+Meteor Garden

Watched the first episode of Romantic Princess. Somehow I feel that the drama reminds me of Goong+ Meteor Garden... There's the 4 rich guys (including Wu Zun and Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit) who are filthy rich and live the life of a prince. This seems similar to the F4 in Meteor Garden( also made up of 4 guys) which are also well off and are the princes in the eyes of others.
Besides Meteor Garden, it also reminds me of Goong( Princess Hour) as Romantic Princess is also about a ordinary girl who got rich overnight. ChaeGyung in Goong became the princess overnight and moved in to the palace to enjoy the luxurious life as a princess being waited on by servants. Similarly in Romantic Princess, Xiao Mai (Angela Zhang) live in a poor family and grew up barely being able to make ends meet. However she became a rich girl overnight after her filthy rich biological grandfather decided to search for her and bring her back into the family. Xiao Mai was surprised with how lavish her grandfather's house was and how extravagent they were. The house was like a palace and there were also lotsof servants managing her everyday needs, but Xiao Mai was not used to receiving this kind of service.
Nan Feng Jin (Wu Zun) thought that Xiao Mai was just another imposer who is only after the faimly's fortune, so he treated her badly and was cold towards her. But at the end of episode 1, Feng Jin realised that Xiao Mai may not be a girl who is just after the family's money, and I think that his treatment towards Xiao Mai may change gradually as the story procceed. Doesn't that also reminds us of Shin( Joo Ji Hoon) in Goong? Shin was also cold towards ChaeGyung in the beginning, but we see the warm and caring side of Shin as the story procceeds when he gradually fall for ChaeGyung. I predict that the storyline of Romantic Princess would be along this line as well....
Well the first episode of Romantic Princess did not really impress me. The acting skills of actors and actresses were not very impressive and as mentioned earlier, the plot reminds me of a combination of Goong and Meteor Garden. In the beginning, I find the sobbing scene abit awkward as well. There was no scenes showing how close Xiao Man and her family were before the crying scene where Xiao Man had to leave the family and go to her biological family, hence
when they showed the parting scene of Xiao Man and her parents, the atmosphere buildup was not there and we was not presented with much background knowledge of how her parents had worked hard to bring her up, so the audience could not really connect with them and feel the sadness of their departure. In my opinion, the scene seems to be thrown in just for the sack of it that they just HAD to cry when they depart, if not it would seems weird.
The only positive comment I had about the show is the light humor which are present in the show.
Even though I may not be attracted by the plot or the acting skills of the cast, I may watch further episodes just because of Wu Zun. He's really hot and is an eyecandy to look at. I don't mind watching the show just looking out for him...

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