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FC Shoot Dori

I've only started watching Shoot Dori recently and I'm really attracted to the show. The kids are so adorable and its really hard not to like them after watching the show. Love their spontaneous and unpredictable actions and words. The kids are so innocent and If you're really fond of kids, you really gotta watch this show.

Shoot Dori is a Korean variety show in which a group of children of age 7 and 8 years old are chosen and trained to play soccer. They form a team called Shoot Dori and played matches against other kids in Korea and also a few other countries in the later part of the show after JunJin took over as the coach.

Even though these kids are so young, and had little experience in soccer in the beginning when the team was formed, they learn their stuffs fast and they got really amazing skills at the later part of the show. We could really see how much the Shoot Dori improved and grew as a team.

Kim Jong Kook- Shoot Dori's first Kamdongnim(coach)

Kim Jong Kook was Shoot Dori's first Kamdongnim and he did a really good job taking care of the kids and teaching the kids how to play soccer. He admitted that he didn't use to like kids last time but Shoot Dori changed his opinions about kids. Even though he had some trouble getting the kids to listen to him and obey him in the beginning, leaving him rather clueless on how to deal with the Shoot Dori, he gain the respect and trust from the kids after a while. He became really close to them and is like a person whom they can rely on for support and advices. We can see how the Shoot Dori trusted him in an episode of the show whereby Hyun Woo trusted Kim Jong Kook to pull loose teeth out of his gum. That episode was really heart warming seeing how Hyun Woo did not even show any sign of doubt in Kim Jong Kook and let Kim Jong Kook pull out his teeth.
Its really funny seeing how Kim Jong Kook always got wordless cause of the unpredictable comments made by the Shoot Dori kids. He would have that -_-ll expression and its like he didn't know whether to laugh or cry at their comments. Its really funny seeing how the Shoot Dori kids left him speechless with their comments.
As the Shoot Dori really liked Kim Jong Kook, it was really sad to see that he had to leave Shoot Dori as he had to be enlisted into the military. That episode where he announced to the kids that he had to leave was heart-breaking( yes, I cried during that episode). The kids did not seem to realised what it meant that Kim Jong Kook had to leave them and didn't really reacted much after the announcement. But they were shocked by the news. It was a heart-breaker when Sung Woo asked Kim Jong Kook a few times if it is possible that he don't go.... He also asked Kim Jong Kook 'how many nights do I have to sleep before I'll get to see you again?' AAwww. That was so sweet of him. We can see that Sung Woo really wanted KJK to stay with the Shoot Dori. In the episode, Kim Jong Kook also shed tears when he spoke about the Shoot Dori and its really unexpected to see such a musculine guy cry in front of the camera. Its quite obvious that he can't bear to leave the kids. The parents of the Shoot Dori also mentioned that the kids really missed Kim Jong Kook after he left them. For example Min Ho cried after going home and Ji Woo wrote a heartwarming letter to Kim Jong Kook (they even recorded an audio of Ji Woo reading out the letter and she was sobbing when she was reading her letter). This showed how closed the kids were with Kim Jong Kook.

After Kim Jong Kook left to serve the MS, JunJin replaced him and took over his duty as Shoot Dori's Kamdongnim.

We could see that despite the negative comments made by the netizens, JunJin had tried very hard to connect with the kids and wanted to do a good job and fulfill his responsibility as the kamdongnim of Shoot Dori. We could see that JunJin really cared for Shoot Dori as well and that he also managed to get the kids to warm up to him gradually. It is hard to live up to expectations of the public after Kim Jong Kook's great job in being Shoot Dori's kamdongnim, but JunJin mananged to prove to us that he's a suitable person for the job. The kids respected him and listened to him instructions but he still managed to have fun with the kids as well.
Kim Jong Min- the assistant coach of Shoot Dori
Kim Jong Min should be the person who had be with the Shoot Dori for the longest period of time. He was there with the Shoot Dori, watching them grow and matured and forever there enthusiastically giving his support to the Shoot Dori whenever he they had a match. To the kids, Kim Jong Min is more like a playmate and a friend and I think he had done a great job making the kids completely as ease with him. They treat him as a friend of the same level and make fun of him like they would make fun of their friends.
Kim Jong Min is a really funny guy who don't seem to be serious most of the time but he's really concerned of the kids. We can see in one episode when Tae Soo, on of the Shoot Dori got hurt during a match and he rushed into the field to see if he was alright. Kim Jong Min brought much fun and laughter on screen and its always funny seeing how he's trying his best to please the female celebrities which appeared in Shoot Dori and always sweet talking them during the show. Its also funny how the Shoot Dori kids don't seem to pay much attention to him whenever he gave advices to them and most of the time they do not respond to his questions/ advices.
The Shoot Dori members in the show includes

#01 Ji Seung Joon-the responsible goalkeeper

His killer stare which was taught by Cha Tae Hyun . It cracks me up seeing him give those dagger eyes at the opponents

Even though Seung Joon may not be a good goalkeeper at first, letting in lots of goals in their beginning matches, he really improved alot as time goes by. In the beginning, he didn't even know the proper way to grasp the goal or block the shoots, therefore letting in quite a number of easy goals. But after all the training and coaching, we see much improvements in him and he started diving for the ball to make some really nice saves. However, I think he still lack the confidence and would get demoralised easily if he let in some goals, therefore affecting his performance for the whole game. Sometimes seeing him liddat made me quite frustrated as he'd just let in some really easy goals. His reaction is abit slow sometimes too, so maybe he's not really that suitable being the goalkeeper. But despite saying that, I think Shoot Dori won't be the Shoot Dori we know without Seung Joon too.

I think Seung Joon would grew up to be a responsible and sweet guy in future as we can often see him blaming himself for not being able to block those shots and letting those goals in. He's also quite sensitive and sweet as we can see in a particular episode where the Shoot Dori kids were asked to split into 2 grps and all of the kids went to the grp led by the prettier celebrity except for Seung Joon who hesitated and went to the other grp led by a not so good looking entertainer after seeing that everyone flocked to the other grp. And he was asked why he didn't join that group he said softly that "everyone went there so..... " It was so sweet of him to go to the not so good looking entertainer. I think he felt bad for the entertainer, so he joined her.

Well, he may be a heart-throb when he grows up and I think he's gonna be a good dresser too seeing how his parents really dress him up very stylishly.

#08 Kim Tae Hoon- the speedy striker

I really like Tae Hoon coz he's like soo cute!! I think he'll grow up to be a very good looking guy in future. Really love him! He seems to be a very nice and caring brother too. He joined Shoot Dori abit later than others. Kim Jong Kook thought that Shoot Dori needed some good players and brought him into the team. My first impression of him is that he's so cool. I like his hairstyle and there's just this bit of cool-ness in him that make him adorable. I also like how his eyes will literally light up every time he became excited about something.We can see that he's really passionate about soccer and I think he would be a really good soccer player in future.
On the field, Tae Hoon is always giving his best in the game, always focused and running all over the field for the ball. He's really fast and skillful and often appeared out of nowhere to make a tackle for the ball or to save the ball. I also like the burst of energy which he possessed every time he got the ball as he'd be zooming past opponents, aiming straight for the goal whenever he got hold of the ball. His goal shoots are also powerful and accurate and he has the perfect shooting stances whenever he shoots the ball into the goal. He's undoubtedly Shoot Dori's star striker and contributed alot of goals for Shoot Dori.
#07 Jo Min Ho- the dependable midfielder

Even though Min Ho is the same age as the other Shoot Dori kids, he can be known as the big brother of the group. He's really mature for a kid of his age, always taking care and on the lookout for others. He's more of the quiet, dependable and trust-worthy type. I think he's gonna be a really fine gentleman when he grow up.

On the field, he's the appointed taker for free shots and corner kicks. Min Ho is more of a midfielder and he really have the foresight to do some amazing passes on the field. His skills are also not to be overlooked as we see him do some fanciful footwork on the field. He also had amazing passes which are accurate and powerful. He worked really well with Tae Hoon, setting Tae Hoon up for some goals for Shoot Dori. His double team with Tae Hoon is really important to Shoot Dori.

#20 Jin Hyun Woo- the singer of the team

Hyun Woo may not be the best player on the field but he never fail to crack me up with his funny moments. He's a singer wannabe and we get to see him sing his favourite song "Sarang Surowo"by Kim Jong Kook quite a few times and he sang it quite well(he knows the lyrics of the song by heart) . I think he really like hearing Kim Jong Kook sing as he'll be totally engross when Kim Jong Kook sings and will even start to sing along with him. He's really cute and always have quite alot of funny actions and facial expressions caught on screen. His comments are hilarious too. I really like that one when Cha Tae Hyun showed the kids a picture of Song Hye Gyo and he asked if they recognised who that was. Hyun Woo shouted out enthusiastically that it was the referee. That was soo hilarious.

This is a photo of the referee... It is often said that kids do not lie.... Does the referee really look like Song Hye Gyo??? Lolz. And did I mention that he's really smart and intelligent too? Gotta love this adorable kid.
Hyun Woo was not bad being a defender and also helped in the scoring as well. He was the first one who scored a goal for Shoot Dori. His way of running is really funny and cute and he always looked blur and unfocused on the field, but that's what make him so cute. He actually behave like a drunken on the field, always tripping over and falling down =) Besides that, I think his soccer jersey and shorts are way too big for him and that make him look even cuter when he run. He's also a sweet little thing as we often see him running over and hugging his teammates whenever they made a goal and also showing care for his teammates when they get hurt. I think when he grow up, he may be become a singer since he really love singing and he's also not shy and completely at ease in front of the camera.

#11 Choi Sung Woo- the smiling angel

He's the smiling angel of the team, never failing to light up the screen with that cute smile on his face. He even smiled widely after he fell down( last pic). That was totally cute! During the first few episode of Shoot Dori, we can see that he's really mischievous, always the one making trouble and never seemed to listen to instructions. But juz as KJK said on the show, he grew to be more disciplined as the show progresses. He's a dare devil as well. There's one episode where the Shoot Dori was playing against another country and Sung Woo decided to play with one of the officials from the other country and started pinching the cheeks of the official (3rd pic)! I think Sung Woo is friendly and its quite easy for him to make friends with the others as he's not afraid to interact with strangers. In one episode where the Shoot Dori hosted the Cambodian kids, we can see Sung Woo (and Seung Kwon) being really hospitable, trying to speak and intereact with the Cambodian kids in English (which is rather useless since the Cambodian kids dunno English X_X) and even filling the plates of the Cambodian kids with food during their dinner. He's really funny too, always speaking his alien language and how he'd get agitated and keep repeating himself but nobody will understand him in the end.

On the field, he's a great defender and also helped to scored in some goals for Shoot Dori. He's like the 'bad boy' of the team, sometimes showing his anger when he cant control it by pulling other opponents' shirt etc. We can see that he really likes playing soccer and also tried his best in it.

Lee Seung Kwon- mischievous little kid

Seung Kwon is Sung Woo's best best friend and they practically did everything together. Having Seung Kwon and Sung Woo together is like double trouble. They're like partners in crime, always making trouble and have something up their sleeves.
Seung Kwon is really fast when he's on the field and he's a really good defender. Dispite his small size how the opponents may be bigger than him, he's always not threatened by them and daringly go up against his opponents to steal their ball or tackle them. There's one episode whereby the Shoot Dori had a practice session and all of them had a 'tail' behind them and they were supposed to grab each others' tail during the game. Seung Kwon was the fastest of them and most agile, therefore he was the last one left still with his tail. Then everyone started chasing him to grab his tail and he started to cry while he was running away from all his teammates who were trying to grab hold of his tail. He was so cute, running and sobbing cause he didnt know why was everyone ONLY chasing him. Seung Kwon is definitely an important member in Shoot Dori.

Oh Ji Woo- the only girl in the group

Being the only girl in the group must have put some pressure on Ji Woo as its really quite hard for a girl to perform just like a guy since we can't expect her to roll around the grass or do some hard body tackle on the field.
She's at the bench most of the time and we'll have to admit it that she's really quite bad at soccer. I have no idea why they chose her to be part of Shoot Dori in the first place. It looks like she's quite scared of the ball and whenever she played on the field, she rarely touch the ball at all. Even when the ball seems to be so close to her, she just don't seem to put in the effort to run to the ball to just kick it....Even if she really manage to kick the ball, it would only be a really light kick on the ball.... So she's like basically just standing there on the field, being useless. Well she became abit more helpful towards the end where they came up with how she could be useful. She was asked to stick to a particular player in the opponent's team and basically follow that person everywhere on the field. I think that was really quite a good idea since she would be able to put pressure on the opponent and at least restricts the movement of the opponent. In my opinion, I don't think Ji Woo would be interested in soccer at all after she grew older....

#19 Kim Tae Soo

Tae Soo joined Shoot Dori much much later, so we don't really get to see much of him on screen. But he is undoubtly an amazing player with really good skills. His addition to Shoot Dori really helped alot in Shoot Dori's offence and made Shoot Dori more aggressive as a team. As he played the foreward position, Min Ho had more freedom to play at other positions and helped out in the defence of the team. Tae Soo's and Tae Hoon's combination as the foreward attack was really strong as they worked really well with each other. They are willing to pass the ball to each other and it seemed like they could anticipate each other's movements and positions on the field.
His goal kicks are strong and quite accurate and he had some amazing footworks. He has really good control of the ball and is also a fast striker as well. I really like his fanciful goal celebration everytime he scored. It looked really cool whenever he did that hand celebration thingy which is really hard to imitate. I think he would be a good player if he decided to keep playing and become professional since he's already so good at such a young age.

Here's some more picture of Shoot Dori to share.

Shoot Dori at MBC Daesang Award where KJK got the Daesang award.

Seung Joon with Tae Hoon

Min Ho, Tae Hoon, Seung Joon and Ji Woo

Really love the Shoot Dori! There's still a sequel to Shoot Dori, but only Sung Woo and Seung Kwon is in Shoot Dori2. The rest of the Shoot Dori had to attend school and therefore didn't continue the sequel.... There's Shoot Dori2 and Shoot Dori3 which may be interesting as well, so I may still watch them if I manage to find chinese subs....

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