Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sun Yan Zi

Her newest song, RISE a theme song for the ASEAN 40th Anniversary celebrations

Yanzi can be counted as the first ever singer which I got interested in. Up till now, I'm still a great fan of her music, as well as her character. Remember the time I first took notice of her was during her album My Desired Happiness and from then on, I love all her music, bought all her albums and collected most magazines and newspapers articles of her. It has already been around 7yrs since I've been a fan of her and even though my obsession for her is not as strong as it used to be , I'm still a loyal fan of hers. All the songs in her albums are great listening to especially those emotional songs which can be considered as her forte as she just never fail to bring out those deep emotions in the songs which never fail to touch people's heart.

After following her journey to fame for the past yrs, we can see that fame does not get into her head even though she's so popular in the Chinese music industry. Not much of her character have changed as she's still as straightforward,honest, unpretentious(seen in her interviews) and friendly as before. However, after being in the industry for such a long period of time, she had definitely matured ( both in mentality and image-wise) and we see her morphed from a sweet and innocent little girl, to one who is filled with confidence and professionism on stage.

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Anonymous said...

I love every album but I have to say, Ni Guang was a revitalization. It had so many songs that were clearly brilliant that I think she's around to stay.

And not to mention, she's just about the coolest girl!