Monday, January 7, 2008

Reasons why you should not watch Coffee Prince in dubs

Coffee Prince is currently airing in Singapore and its in dual sound, meaning you choose to either listen to he Chinese dubbed dialogues or the original version. I've watched an episode of Coffee Prince with the Chinese dub on channel u as my mum was watching it. I’ll tell you why you should watch it without the dub instead.

Generally speaking, watching Coffee Prince with the dubs spoils the show.

1) emotions would be lost/bland

When the actors and actresses are acting, their actions, expressions and their dialogue must be convincing when they act as a certain character.Besides this, what is also really important in conveying the emotions of the character is the tone and manner in which they sound. When you listen to the dubbed version, you would not get to listen to the real voice of the actress/actor, hence the emotions of the character which are being expresses through his/her tone would be
completely lost. Take for example Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince often goes "AISHHH" to express her exasperation, but in the dubbed version, they may change it to a short sigh/
"Ai!" instead. The sense of exasperation is therefore lost in the process and this may make the show less enjoyable/entertaining. Besides, some of the scenes may be funny in the original Korean dialogue, but the humor may be lost in the dubbed version.

2) Personality of the character not as strong/established

When an actor/actress wants to be convincing in his acting,he'll have to behave just like his character in every way.From the way he walk, talk to his tone and expression. Therefore when I listen to the dubbed version of Go Eun Chan's voice, I think that it does not suit Eun Chan at
all. It don't reflect who Eun Chan is. The voice is too girly and not convincing enough. Therefore this may cause the personality/image of Eun Chan to be not as strong. Besides that, in order to act convincingly, Yoon Eun Hye deepened her voice and changed her way of speaking/expressing herself when she acted as Eun Chan. Such little details made the character much more convincing. So please watch the undubbed version to get a taste of the what the real Eun Chan is.

3) You won’t get to hear the voice of Lee Seon Gyun
Lee Seon Gyun has such an attractive voice. Its deep and manly, and you wouldn’t get bored listening to him talk. His voice is just so comfortable to listen to. Just hear it and you’ll know what I mean.

So if you really want to see the acting skills of the actors/actresses, you have to watch the show with the original voices of the actors/actresses to judge. Besides, watching the original version would let you better appreciate the drama.

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