Saturday, January 26, 2008

L change the World

Release Date in Singapore: 21 February 2008


“The human whose name is written in the Death Note shall die.”

A God of Death dropped a notebook which had the power to kill people. Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) found the notebook and tried to become Kira, God of a new crime-free world by executing criminals with the notebook. L (Kenichi Matsuyama), a genius detective confronted Kira who was his toughest enemy ever. At last, L managed to close the case of Kira but had to pay a painful price.After making the hardest decision ever, another serious case confronts L. There are only 23 days left and without his best partner Watari (Shunji Fujimura), L has to solve the case all by himself for the very first time.A boy and a girl hold the keys to solving this case and L had to get into a desparate situation to protect the kids. L has solved many cases previously through monitors and using his brain power as he has never appeared in public as L. This is the first and last case that he has to deal with people in person...A person who obtains the most horrible weapon “Death God” created by human says the same thing as Kira... ”I am going to change the world.”What will happen to L? Is anything in the world going to be changed? The turbulent 23 days even L cannot predict awaits him. The most exciting and moving countdown has now begun!


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It'll be released soon... But I wonder if it would be good as the writer is not the original writer for the Death Note manga...Nevertheless, we'll still get to see Kinichi Matsuyama as L =) I thought the movie would be a recap of L's past life, but its actually not. It would be about the 23days before L's death....

Can't wait to catch it on screen.

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