Monday, January 7, 2008

Yoon Eun Hye- when and how it started

Gonna blog bout my new craz Yoon Eun Hye. Some ppl may not recognise her real name but i guess most ppl shld noe the adorable ChaeGyung in Goong.

Here's a pic of her and Shin( Joo Ji Hoon) of Goong.

Watched Goong and totally LOVE her charac in there. At first still okay, but as time goes by and as the drama procceeds, I was attracted to ChaeGyung and her ever so adorable actions. There's also tis charisma abt her tt draws my in. So towards the end of the drama, I was totally amazed by Yoon Eun Hye's acting and the extremely good chemistry she had with Joo Ji Hoon in the show. Ep 23 says it all. The HOT kissing scene. Tink tts the best episode ever. lolz. Think she's like the 1st ever actress which i liked so far.

So after watching Goong, I realised tt I cant get enuff of Eun Hye, and wanted to get to noe more abt her, so I did some search on the net and found out her profile. Found some clips of her dancing on a variety show and got a shock of my life. My 1st impression I had after seeing her dancing was tt she was those vain and bitchy kind of artiste. But upon reading some people's comments and watching some more clips, I realised tt she really can dance, and tt her dancing is not sluttish at all! She's like hot when she's dancing and cute and funny when she's not.Realised tt she was a regular guest in the variety show called XMAN in the past, so I went searching for the past episodes of the show. (China websites area really useful for providing video clips) Watched a few episodes and love her even more( really hafta thank those ppl for providing us with the english/ chinese subtitles so I was able to understand wat they were saying in the show) Find her very cute and real in the show. She'll go all out during the games to win even though the host often made fun of her for being STRONG. She's very witty and funny in the show too. Making smart and hilarious comments and remarks.

Realised tt she was once in Baby vox and had been in the entertainment scene for ard 7yrs already! She's gd in drawing too! Love her style. She's like forever in pretty and fashionable clothes. She got a nice figure too, which is well proportionate. And not to mention, she have extremely nice legs! Long and slender. Wooo. Legs tt could die for.So envious of her legs.


In xman


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