Friday, February 15, 2008

Korean Valentine's Day

Valentine's day in Korea

Feb 14-Valentines Day: girls give chocolate to guys they like
March 14- White Day :guys give chocolate/candy (white chocolate or marshmallow?) to girls they like
April 14- Black Day: those that did not receive any chocolate/candy gather and have Jajang noodle together.

Source: Wikipedia

Elaborated version

Version 1

14th May: Rose Day: guys give roses to girls they like to confess their love if they are too shy to confess it through words
14th June: Kiss Day
14th July: Silver Day: give ring to your partner
14th August: Green Day: go hiking together
14th September: Photo Day(?): sing love songs for your love ones even though you may be tone deaf. Take down the sweet smiles on his/her faces
14th October: Wine Day: have a romantic day drinking wine
14th November: Movie Day: Watch a movie together
14th December: Hugging Day: After 1 year, we'll still loving each other!

version 2
14th Jan: Calendar Day(?): most sincere day for couple to give each other promise item
14th Feb: Western Valentine's Day: Girls have to give the guys they like chocolate candy, if not the guy will not give any gift to the girl
14th March: White Day: Korean Traditional Valentine's Day
14th April: Sakura Day: couples like to admire the view of Sakura blossom on this day
14th May: Rose Day: Guys will give girls roses(mostly red roses) to confess their love
14th June: Lover's Music Day: Lovers will choose a song they like and sing it for their partner
14th July: Ring Day: Lovers will exchange and give each other a couple ring which they chose together
14th August: Dancing Day: the streets can also be turned into a dance floor for couple
14th September: Photo Day: there will be more lovers visiting differnet places and taking pictures
14th October: Drinking Day: self explanatory
14th November: Movie Day: self explanatory
14th December: Money Day: married couple- husband will discuss with their wife their financial situation (how much they earned this year, how much they spent, how much money to save etc)

Source: version 1
version 2

My translation may not be accurate....

Dunno how reliable are these....
Won't they be very busy if there's valentine's day on every month??

Now I know why YEH's bro left the message on YEH's CY saying Chocolate...
Wonder who will be the lucky guy to receive YEH's chocolate and who will be the one giving her chocolate/candies next month?

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