Friday, February 1, 2008

Romantic Princess

I've finally finished watching Romantic Princess after leaving it there for so long. Well I find the later episodes more enjoyable to watch(ep7 to 13). Although the show may be abit lame and stupid at some point, its quite funny overall.

I like the part in episode 7 where Jin grabbed a women's top and said its nice,and insisted that guys can try it too coz the design is nice. So he went to the fitting room and tried on low cut the woman's top coz Xiao Mai wanted to have some time alone with him and asked him to get some clothes and go into the fitting room to "try" them.

Ep9: Besides that I think the part in episode 9, where each of the 4 guys took turns to go to Xiao Mai to give her food was really sweet. Then the idea of a vacation and everyone having their individual motives and plans were quite amusing as well.

Ep10- Jin found out Muo Li like Cai.Jin nv tell Xiao Mai abt his plan and Xiao Mai nv tell Jin abt the fact tt Muo Li is a fake. So Jin dunno about it also. If Xiao Mai told Jin abt it things wouldn't be as complicated....

Well maybe I've watched too much Kdrama, but this drama is quite different from the other dramas I've watched before. Usually in a drama, the lead would be quarrelling and argueing alot with each other before they made up. But in this drama there seems to be very very little arguing between Xiao Mai and Jin. They were quite a peaceful couple. But it would have been better if there's more sweet moments of Jin and Xiao Mai together....

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