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[News][02.02.08] Is love in the air for Joo Ji-hoon and Song Ji-hyo?

sources: Celebrity X-Files http://coolbreeze.tistory.com/282

Sukiyaki @soompi


According to a report in Celebrity X-Files, Joo Ji Hoon and Song Ji Hyo have continued their romance even after the finish of drama "Goong" where they both starred in.

Celebrity X-Files is a report compiled by journalists, e-news reporters, advertising agencys and star managements officials.

Song Ji Hyo has been seen frequenting Joo Ji Hoon's house, to the extent that she practically lives there.It has also been pointed out that Song Ji Hyo has been seen carrying 2 boxes of cherries every time she visits, bringing about a strange discussion between netizens.

Apart from this little revelation, it has also been reported that at the end of 2007, fans have spotted Song Ji-hyo riding at the back of her Romeo's motorcycle.

Could Song Ji Hyo be the reason why Joo Ji Hoon stated in an interview http://news.chol.com/index.php?cmd=doc&sd=20060418&ed=20060418&cat=ENT&newsid=ILGAN_339378 that Yoon Eun Hye isn't his type?

December 2007 Song Ji Hyo was quoted saying: "Joo Ji Hoon is good for dating" http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.htm...40101&pt=nv

December 3, 2007 Joo Ji Hoon attended Song Ji Hyo's movie premiere "Sex Is Zero 2" he was there to support her with Hwanghumama.


Well, hope that the news is true and they'll confirm it someday. But I doubt they'll do that since Korean celebs usually deny their relationship.... JJH look quite good with SJH....

But whatever it is, I still think that there's a much higher possibility of YEH being with KJK rather than JJH....

We'll just hafta wait patiently to see what will happens...

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