Monday, February 4, 2008

Witch Yoo Hee

Watched finished the drama Witch Yoo Hee. Well, its not bad, butthey storyline is quite typical.
The drama is mainly about Yoo Hee(Han Ga In), who is a fierce and work-oriented girl who has an established career and is very capable in her work.but one thing she needed and wanted most is a boyfriend. Therefore she went for alot of matchmaking sessions to find a suitable partner,but unfortunatly, she's always end up being rejected by the guys as she's too fierce and demanding (that's why she's know as theinfamous Witch), scaring all the guys away.Pretty soon, match making agencies heard about the infamous Witch and started rejecting her as a member. Then she met Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee) , a talented and skilled but unlucky Chef who is not appreciated by his head chef. He gave up studying medicine to cook. He knows alot about making dishes and is a very frank and honest guy who ain't shy to voice out his opinion and give his comments on the dishes prepared. But due to this, people may find him arrogant and proud since he is in no position to give his comments. Therefore he offended quite a few bosses and became know as a troublemaker.

Chae Moo Ryong went for a match making session to do a favour for his friend even though he's attached. He faked his particulars and pretended to be a doctor and it ended up that the girl he was supposed to meet was Yoo Hee.So they had a dinner but as expected, the match making didn't end up well and both left after an arguement.
The next day, Chae Moo Ryong was helping out in his family noodle store,delivering Jjang noodle. He accidentally crashed into a car and coincidentally, the driver happened to be Yoo Hee. He had to pay for the conpensation fee but he didn't have any money. To add on, he was just fired from his Chef job and was jobless now. He didn't want to ask his parents or gf for help and wanted to settle his own problem by himself.
So in the end, he ended up being a house cleaner for Yoo Hee (YooHee had trouble finding a house cleaner as she was very strict and full of demand. So the house cleaners she hired all quitted one after another and in the end no one wanted to work for her after knowing about her demanding nature)
Moo Ryong was a hard worker and gave all his best in cleaning and taking care of her house, so she was quite satisfied with his work performance....
After some incidents and failed attempts at match making, Yoo Hee signed a contract agreement with Moo Ryong to hire his to be her dating coach for a certain amount. Moo Ryong gave her warobe a complete makeover and changed herdull black and white image totally. Everyone was surprised to see the NEW Yoo Hee with her new image and as she was like an ugly duckling turned into a complete swan....
Yoo Hee changed her attitude and her behaviour. She got rid of her demading manners and learnt to be polite and sweet.In the end, she was no longer the business liked and unfeeling YooHee instead she was more sympathetic and had more emotions.
There was 3 guys who were interest/connected with her.

1) Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee)

2) Yoo Joon Ha (Kim Jung Hoon)

3) Famous Chef -Johnny Crooger(Dennis Oh)

Yoo Joon Ha was Yoo Hee's first love and she was still in love with him after so many years.Dennis Oh is Yoo Hee's good friend and he liked Yoo Hee but didn't confess to her all these while. He's satisfied just being good friends with Yoo Hee.

At first, its not clear who Yoo Hee would end up with in the end coz these 3 guys didn't make much move and its not very obvious in the plot. Even though Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong got along quite well,Moo Ryong already had a stable girlfriend called Nam Sung Mi acted by Jeon Hye Bin. They knew each other since young and their relationship seems to be matured and stable.Even though Yoo Hee liked Joon Ha ,Joon Ha was gonna be engaged soon and it was only a one sided love of Yoo Hee. So there was not much chance of their relationship.At first, the relationship between Johnny Crooger(Dennis Oh) and Yoo Hee does not seems to be very clear too. We were only aware that they are long-time friends.It was only in further more episodes that we were aware of Johnny Crooger's love for Yoo Hee.
I was hoping Johnny Crooger would end up with Yoo Hee in the end, but it turned out that he was too passive and didn't grab his opportunities. I was also hoping for Moo Ryong to be with Sang Mei since Sung Mi was a very supporting and understand girl who stood by Moo Ryong all the time.

The charaters are quite alright. Most of them are good people and I would say the evil characters are only Yoo Joon Ha(KJH) and Yoo Hee's dad. Yoo Joon Ha was scheming and sly and he only cared about money and his career. Yoo Hee's dad was very irritating. I was really hoping that he would die in one of the episodes (he fell sick and was sent to the hospital a few times, but unfortunately, he was always okay after collasping and being sent to the hospital) If he had died, things wouldn't be as complicated and Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong can be together as they wished. Well fortunately, the father finally gave in in the end and let Yoo Hee be with the guy she wanted instead of forcing her tobe with the guy which the father liked/preferred.
Well overall the drama was quite alright, but I thought there was too much dreaming scenes.... Yes, it make may the drama funnier, but I thought it was too over....Besides that, the storyline seems very typical Kdrama. The owning of money and contract agreement thingy is very a very common plot in Kdramas.... One thing I like about the drama is the cast. The whole cast is good looking. The girls are pretty and the guys are cute. They're definately eyecandies.

Dennis Oh is definitely hot. Kim Jung Hoon is okay ( last time when I first saw him in Goong, I thought he's really good looking, but I find him quite average now..) Jae Hee don't really look good with that hairstyle in the drama. I prefer him with other styles, but he got a really nice smile. He look much better with a longer hair and without the curls for example in Blue Dragon Award. (credit goonglovelyfan)

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