Monday, February 25, 2008

Yoon Eun Hye singing in single "Saranghae"

credit: smr05 @ soompi for the translation

YEH will be featuring in newbie Hiphop duo Mighty Mouth's new single "Saranghae / I love You" and has finished the recording of the song."Saranghae" is a song about the emotions of pure love formed by Mighty Mouth's witty rapping and YEH's beautiful and sweet vocal line.Mighty Mouse is a new group who debuted from the same agency as Han Ga In, Kim Jong Kook, Ju Seok and JJ.Lee Hyun Do (producer / former Deuce member)) who personally knows YEH's agency rep, Park Geun Soo told PGS that, "I will be overjoyed if YEH is able to vocally carry out the emotions of this song" and asked for her to be a part of the song. To this request, YEH answered, "Ever since I was young I have always been a fan of Deuce and have always liked Lee Hyun Do's music" and accepted the offer. ___________________________________________________________________
Chinese version of the news

Woah! Can't wait to hear her sing again ever since BabyVox disbanded.

Website of 101- mightymouth
CY of 101 entertainment

KJK's in the same company as well, and he filmed a chrismas video msg for fans during Mighty Mouth's recording. That kinda explain why KJK and YEH was there at the recording studio....
KJK was only passing by? Hahaha. Yeah, he was merely just dropping by to say Hi to his friends.

Can't wait to hear the full song soon!

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