Friday, July 4, 2008

We Got Married Ep16

Andy and Solbi 1/2 (uploaded by coolsmurf)

Andy: That's why I'm telling you to wear your glasses!!!
Solbi: I have been wearing my glasses! I have been listening to you!!
Andy: But the frames doesn't have lenses in them!!!
Solbi: Its up to me whether I want to wear them with lenses or not!!!

Can see that Andy was really quite irritated with Solbi for insisting going to the same salon as her. We don't usually get to see Andy being mad since he's usually very nice and accommodating.
Andy and Solbi Ep 16 2/2(uploaded by coolsmurf)

You know there really is no point being good to him right? Being like In Young really is the best...
Alex and Shin Ae Ep16 (uploaded by coolsmurf)

Interesting comment by Shin Ae
In the past 100 days, We have only been seeing the good side of us previously. But I felt that we should be showing our faults to each other. I feel like trying out how it feels like to quarrel at times!Because if we quarrel, I'm very curious about how Alex would react to the situation.

Shin Ae really looked gorgeous in the gowns. You can tell by Alex's reaction, how he stared at Shin Ae and how his eyes glimmers when he saw Shin Ae in the gown that he sincerely thinks that Shin Ae looked very pretty in the gown. But who won't think so??

Crown J and Seo In Young Ep16 1/2 (credit: coolsmurf)

This couple is still as funny as ever. Really enjoyed watching them now. It was funny when Crown J imitated what In Young said last time when being mad that Crown J didn't buy anything for her when he was abroad.
All the photos are yours. This, that, and that. (volume increases when he said that) Everything's yours. What are you doing? Everything's yours, this and that

In Young: Stop copying my lines!!!
Crown J: If I don't, who will? Shin Ae?

Crown J is also starting to be able to tease Seo In Young now. If he did that last time( in the beginning episodes) , I think most probably they'll end up quarreling. I think Seo In Young is definitely not as petty and hot-headed as she used to be.

Crown J and Seo In Young Ep16 2/2 (credit: coolsmurf)

So In Youg: calm down, don't come near...
Crown J: I can't touch...

Crown J looked so adorable in the tuxedos ! The pink tuxedo really suited him. It totally goes with his style.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Ep 16 1/2 (credit: quainte501)

Hwang Bo: I have a cold, my throat is hoarse
Hyun Joong:Your voice with a cold is actually better, you're like a woman now.

Hwang Bo: Start moving[the furnitures]. I purposely didn't call the moving people.
Hyun Joong: (calm) It's okay, I can just call them right now.

Hwang Bo: This is very important. [referring to her big poster] . It's to drive out evil things. My face.
Hyun Joong: (Chimes in) Isn't this an Indian Buddha?

Hyun Joong: [putting the contract under the glass of the table] It's so valuable. Like a museum!

But I also have something to give you. I bought it in Thailand. In Thailand, it's super cheap!
[Hwang Bo unwrapping it] This.... is for reducing wrinkles.

Hwang Bo: You didn't practice the piano at all?
Hyun Joong: No, of course I practiced. I play with more feel than before.

Hyun Joong is simply hilarious!!I'm like quoting everything he said in the video. lolz. He was so cute too during the interview when there was a bug.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Ep 16 2/2 (credit: quainte501)

Hyun Joong
Wait a minute, why do the lyrics always disappear....
The lights keeps turning off, I'm about to go crazy.
Then before it turns off, I'll hurry and sing you the chorus.

Hahah.Hyun Joong keeps spoiling the mood of the song.

The honest and straight forward Hyun Joong

Hyun Joong: I'm going to Japan soon.
Hwang Bo: I'm going to be lonely.
Hwang Bo: You're going to Japan, are you happy?
Hyun Joong: Of course

Have you ever given your own picture to someone else before?

Hwang Bo:You finished taking the photo?
Hyun Joong: En.
Hwang Bo: You only took a picture of my back?
Hyun Joong: Shoulder.
If you can see everything, then its meaningless.

Hwang Bo
Turn around, turn around. Groom, although I'm really sorry...
The view from the back....looks like a beggar.

I think Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo couple is becoming my favourite couple now because both of them are really funny! Really enjoyed watching their episodes.

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