Friday, July 18, 2008

National Day Parade 2008 Theme Song

NDP 2008 Theme Song - Shine for Singapore
English version sung by Hady Mirza

Chinese version
晴空万里 Qing Kong Wan Li sung by Joi Chua 蔡淳佳

Where's Stefanie Sun?? I thought she'll be singing the NDP song this year.... Sigh.
The song was quite alright. I prefer the Chinese version more than the English version coz the Chinese one sounded more "grand". The English one is too soothing and calming....
One good thing is that Nat Ho is in the MV!
Notice the plot about the girl drawing furiously and it seems like she was drawing rubbish in the beginning, but it turned out to be a big picture of a star?
There's talk about it being a complete ripoff from a Japanese Ad.

"The Whale" -- Japanese Ad Council

Nice ad!

The MV in the NDP song seems to be exactly the same as the Japanese Ad ( well, maybe its not exactly the same coz it was a girl doing a drawing of a star instead of the boy drawing a whale in the Japanese Ad). Hmmm....

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