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Sun Yan Zi 孙燕姿

News about Yan Zi appearing in Royston Tan's Movie
Woah. She's gonna appear in a movie after all!
News source
It says that she'll be guest starring in Royston Tan's movie, 12莲花 (12 Lotus)。She'll be speaking 福建话 (Hokkien?),念福建诗 reciting Hokkien poems,哼唱《12莲花》主题曲!and humming the theme song in the movie.

Can't wait for the movie to be out!

Today's a special day. 23rd July.... Happy Birthday Yan Zi!
Time passes by so fast. Its already 8years since she first debuted as a singer and throughout these 8 years, she's still the same old Yan Zi that we've known. But throughout the years, she has really matured as a singer....

Sun Yan Zi debute album 孙燕姿同名专辑

天黑黑(Tian Hei Hei) Cloudy Day

超快感 (Chao Kuai Gan) Turbo

Yan Zi's 2nd Album - My Desired Happiness 我要的幸福
The album that got her really popular.

我要的幸福(Wo Yao De Xing Fu) My Desired Happiness

I still remembered it was after song that got me really hooked onto Sun Yan Zi...

开始懂了 (Kai Shi Dong Le) Realise

相信(Xiang Xin) Believe

Yan Zi's 3rd Album- 風箏 Kite

風箏(Feng Zheng) Kite 

绿光( Lv Guang) Green Light

逃亡(Tao Wang)- Fugitive / Escape

when listening to this song, I can just picture the whole scene of a person driving a car up to a mountain and looking at the scene on the top of the mountain, thinking of escaping from this world. Nice lyrics, melody and of course Yan Zi's singing.

Yan Zi's 4th Album- Start
The album which she did some cover songs including quite a number of English songs. She should just record an English album some time....

Silent All These Years

Cover version of Tori Amos' Silent All These Years.

Hey Jude

Original version was by The Beatles

That I Would Be Good

Originally by Alanis Morissette

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

Original version by Patty Smyth / Don Henley

Originally by Shocking Blue

Self composed song (lyrics+melody) by Yan Zi.

Yan Zi's 5th album- Leave

我不愛 (Wo Bu Ai) I Won't Love

直來直往 (Zhi Lai Zhi Wang) Straight Forward

一樣的夏天 (Yi Yang De Xia Tian) Summer As Usual

Really like the relaxed feeling of this song. A very comfortable song to listen to on a Sunday morning...

懂事 (Dong Shi) Sensible

Yan Zi's 6th album- 未完成 (Wei Wan Cheng) To Be Continued

神奇(Shen Qi) Magic

An Indian inspired song.

我不難過 ( Wo Bu Nan Guo) I'm Not Upset

Simply love this song. The lyrics + melody + the way Yan Zi sang it with such emotions. The MV is quite nicely done too. Sad song that touches the heart.

Translation of the lyrics
Finally you told me how gentle she is.
I really know that you're not a fickle person (ditch the old and like the new).
Its because I wasn't there to accompany you when you were lonely.
Don't look at me and tell me that you've loved me (before), so I don't have to be so upset
I'm not upset. This is nothing. But I dunno why my tears are flowing....
Let me go. Let me enjoy the freedom.
Lots of memories. My life will be filled with memories of you.

Hug me tighly. Hug me tightly again. Just let me remember this feeling.
Don't tell me it's your fault.
At this point of time, it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong, just let them be gone with the wind.
Forget everything.
Lead a better life than you.

My Story Your Song

A English duet with Mai Kuraki. Lyrics written by Yan Zi.

Yan Zi's 7th Album- The Moment Compilation CD
Not really a full album, its mainly a compilation of some of her past songs. But there's still 5 new songs in the album.

遇見(Yu Jian) Encounter

Another hit song. This song was really popular when it was released. It's also the theme song for the movie "Turn Left, Turn Right".

Tonight, I Feel Close To You

Another song with Mai Kuraki.

Yan Zi's 8th Album- Stefanie

我的愛(Wo De Ai) My Love

奔 (Ben) Run

慢慢來 (Man Man Lai) Take It Easy


Yan Zi's 9th Album- 完美的一天(Wan Mei De Yi Tian) A Perfect Day

完美的一天(Wan Mei De Yi Tian) A Perfect Day

眼淚成詩 (Yan Lei Cheng Shi) Tears Become Poetry

第一天(Di Yi Tian) First Day

A very lively song.

夢不落 (Meng Bu Luo) Dreams Never Fail

Can't find a good version of the original MV.
Like the song coz it sounds like a marching song!

Yan Zi's 10th Album- My Story, Your Song

Another compilation album. And this time, there's only 1 new song in the album.

雨天 (Yu Tian) - Rainy Day

Yan Zi's 11th Album- 逆光(Ni Guang) Against the Light

逆光 (Ni Guang)- Against the Light

The song give me a feeling of hope.

我懷念的 (Wo Huai Nian De) Unforgettable

Another of Yan Zi's specialized ballads. Touching song.

咕嘰咕嘰 Gu Ji Gu Ji

Cute song + we get to see her dance in the MV! Lollipop is in the MV as well.

夢游(Meng You) Sleep-walk

Refreshing Song.

Her vocals has definitely changed throughout these years. Her voice was clearer last time. Now, it has more volume and emotions. Her Chinese prounciation is also abit different now. Haha. But her vocals are still as powerful and touching as ever.


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