Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[Drama]篮球火 Hot Shot

Show Luo Zhi Xiang acting as 元大鹰 (Yuan Da Ying)

Yuan Da Ying seems to be a simple minded guy who truly love basketball and thinks that he's really good in basketball even though he has never played a single match of basketball before. And not to mention, he don't even know the rules of basketballs.
Quite a comical character in the story.

Jerry Yan acting as 东方翔 (Dong Fang Xiang)

His role reminds me abit of Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden but Dong Feng Xiang is less childish and much cooler than Dao Ming Si. Dong Feng Xiang is a rich kid who is really good in basketball. He's very confident of his abilities and skills too.

Wu Zun acting as 无极尊 (Wu Di Zun)

Wu Zun's character seems to be rather mysterious. There's no mention of who he is and what's his name in the first episode, but I think he's supposed to be a pro in basketball too.

The first episode was just shown in Taiwan last Sunday.
Ep 1 part 1 (uploaded by yongyan728 )

Its a basketball drama with a very strong cast (eyecandies!). Any of the 3 male lead can be a leading role in any other dramas and send loads of fans gushing over them. So with such a strong cast backing the drama, what can possibly go wrong with it?

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nita said... shot
w ska bnget drama korea hot shot cz lucu gtu,,,si alan luo alias ta ying bwt tung fang syang jg galak2 donk sma ta ying,,,jg ngrbutin ci eur yaa...tlong dong smua pmran hot shot dtg k indonesia...
Q tNGGu loh....