Monday, July 14, 2008


Chanced upon some performance from 超级新光大道3 while I was watching Sun Yan Zi's video.
I was really surprised that I saw quite a few familiar faces in the show/competition.

Leon PK 黃靖倫 Huang Jing Wen

黃靖倫 Huang Jing Wen PK Singaporean again

Isn't that the guy from Soul in SuperBand? Lolz. He's better off dancing.

A Singaporean in the contest. I think he got quite far in the contest. But I don't really fancy his voice though. I find his voice too thin and weak and he's not that great a singer either. There just seems to be something lacking...

潘嗣敬(Sugi)- 大眼睛

Cute! I think his singing improved as compared to the times when he was in Project Super Star.


蔡嘉航 -戀愛頻率 duet

I couldn't recognised her at all! I thought her name sounded familiar, but I only realized she's the Yvonne from Campus Super Star after reading the comments on Youtube. Nice voice. I think her singing improved. She became much more matured and prettier too.

蔡嘉航--True love



Not a Singaporean, but I really liked her self-composed song after listening to it.

Nice self composed song! She has a nice voice too.

2008/03/21超級星光大道第三季 Part.01 海外選手資格決定賽

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