Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jay Chou's New Album: Capricorn

Just heard Jay's new album, Capricorn 魔杰座.
Sad for Jay Chou. His album is not even released, and yet, there are download available online already. There are probably some difference in the track titles and the order of the tracks, but the songs should be more or less those songs available online. So I'll just comment on the songs according to the playlist order and song name on Imeem.

魔杰座 Capricorn (jay chou latest album mo jie zuo) zhou jie lun

Track 1 魔杰座(Mo Jie Zuo) Capricorn: An okay song. I think it'll be a nice starting song for the album.
Track 2 失恋的青蛙(Shi Lian De Qing Wa): Seems to be a follow up of Niu Zai Hen Mang. Very fun and festival-like song. He even included a line from Niu Zai Hen Mang song. YeeHaaa.
Track 3 稻香 (Dao Xiang) Frangrant Rice: I really like this song. The whole feeling of the song is very relaxed and carefree. This should be the 1st zhu da ge (the 1st song that they're promoting from the album) since I heard it on radio already.
Track 4 东方之殿 (Dong Fang Zhi Dian):The woman's voice is quite unique.
Track 5 暂无( Zan Wu): Another fun-fair like song. Cool play with the voice.
Track 6 大灌蓝 (Da Guan Lan): Duet with Gary from Nan Quan Ma Ma. Very smooth song.
Track 7 红楼梦中(Hong Lou Meng):His voice sounds flawed in this song. I thought his voice cracked a few times. I think this song will make a good ending song during concerts. Nice song, but I'm abit disturbed by the flaws.
Track 8 女儿红 Nv Er Hong : Another nice ballad which I really like. Catchy chorus.
Track 9 失落非主流 Shi Luo Fei Zhu Liu: Quite touching song. Not bad. Alot of 了 (le) in the lyrics and it makes the whole song rhymes. I think this song sounds better when you listen to the song with the lyrics.
Track 10 达芬奇的画布 (Da Fen Qi De Hua Bu) : Cheerful, mid-tempo upbeat song.
Track 11 从新爱(Cong Xin Ai): Another chinese-style song. Cool.

Not bad album. I like his ballads in this album and it least the songs sound different from his previous albums, which is a good thing. There was a period of time where his songs kinda sound the same. But he still mumble too much and its still quite hard to hear what he's singing. So most of the time I just listen to the melody of his songs. Haha. Some songs will sound better after knowing the lyrics.....

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