Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 Singapore

Not exactly a huge F1 fan myself, but I watched the F1 Singapore Grand Prix on TV on Sunday night.
Singapore's skyline looked so stunning. Amazing. The cars look beautiful under the lights too.

Singapore Flyer

Supreme Court

Dramas. check.
Luck. check.
Skills. check.
Cars and technology. check.
Excitment. check.

That was all present at F1 first night race in Singapore. Massa was leading by quite a margin during the starting laps and everything was going fine until the pit stop incident. The green light was given for him to go, but apparently the fuel hose was still attached to his car, so he drove for quite a bit of distance with the hose still attached to his car. That scene actually looked really funny. That basically cause him to lose his race.

So its up to Kimi Raikkonen to gain a few points for the Ferrari team and it looked like Kimi was gonna to snatch up a few points since there was only a few laps left. But alas! During the 4th last laps, he crashed. There goes the chance for Ferrari to snatch up a few points for the championship.... Not a great race for the Ferrari team in the Singapore Grand Prix.
I was rooting for them to win since I'm influenced by my bro, who is a Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari fan (yeah, he follows the match and watch the matches online, so I've actually watched a partial match before). F1 fever have not actally caught on in Singapore and I think most Singaporeans would watch the EPL over F1, but still, I think the sport will start to gain its share of followers here since Singapore will be hosting it for a few more races in future.

Fernando Alonso was the winner of the night and just to day before his win, he was in despair after his car failed him and caused him to be on the 15th position during the qualifying. He was clocking good timings before the mechanical problem. So he thought that was the end and that he would need a miracle to win the race. But lucky for him, that miracle came....
He deserved the win though.

Should have placed a bet on the race. If I had, I'd be a richer now. My bro and dad was taking about the odds for the race and Fernando Alonso's odd was quite good. My bro was saying that can bet on Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg (2nd position) since their odds are quite good. People didn't expect Fernando Alonso to win after his 15th grid qualifying position too.There no point in betting for the hot-favourites since the payout won't be good.

A few more races to go. Hopefully Ferrari will do better for the rest of the races.

Kimi Raikkonen

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