Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kim Jong Kook: Here I Am

Today More Than Yesterday MV

Really sweet MV. So many loving couples in the MV and such a sweet ending. I like the orchestra at the end too. Brilliant.

Photobucket Nice website with lyrics for the songs

Don't understand the lyrics, but here's my feelings after listening to the whole album.

Tracks I love

Track 1-고맙다 gomapda (Thank You). I really like the emotions he put in the song.
Title track, track 4, Today More Than Yesterday 어제보다 오늘 -Good choice for the Title song. Love the lyrics. Sweet!

Tracks I like
Track 3오래 오래 feating mickey - mickey's rap gives a really familar feeling. Turbo reunited!
Track 5 Forever, featuring Mighty Mouth
Track 6 이보다 좋을 없다
Track 9 사랑에 취해 (feat. 주석) - catchy chorus.
Track 10이별의- I like the somewhat tight atmosphere of the starting chorus part.
Track 12-14

I like almost all of the track. And I think the rest of the track will grow on me as well. Translation of the lyrics will help us appriciate the songs better too. So I'm sure I'll really like this album after understanding the lyrics.

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