Sunday, May 11, 2008

We Got Married

I'm currently hooked on the Korean variety show, We Got Married. The title of the show didn't really attract my attention initially and I thought I'll be some lame show. But fortunately, I decided to give the show a try after seeing quite a few people having good comments about the show.

Basically its like a reality show where the celebrities were being paired up as couple and they had to treat it like they are a married couple. The couple pairings are determined by the producer and it is said that they chose the couples parings according the their personalities. The couple is generally free to do whatever they want, but they are given a mission that they have to complete every episode.

The 4 couple pairings on the show are:
Andy and Solbi
Alex and Shin Ae
Crown J and Seo In Young
Jung Hyung Don and Saori

The 4 pairings each have different styles.
Andy and Solbi is the sweet couple with abit of humour (mainly due to Solbi). Solbi is generally the one taking the lead in the relationship, while Andy is more shy and reserved. Solbi is a funny girl and she seems to really like Andy, always trying to show her best side in front of Andy. Andy is like a really nice and sweet guy to be with since he don't seems to have a temper at all. He'll be the one to clean up the mess, tidy the house and help with stuffs around the house without any complains. His heart dance is extremely adorable too! Andy seems to be slowly opening up to Solbi as the show progresses.
We Got Married Ep 1 - Andy and Solbi Couple 1/3 (credit to coolsmurf)

Alex and Shin Ae is truely the romantic couple. It seems like they do alot of romantic things which are found in dramas. They'll just leave us exclaiming "How do they always manage to create such a good atmosphere?" There seems to be no conflict or dispute between them at all. Its like they are forever in harmony. and is perfectly suited for each other. Alex is like a pro in relationship. He seems to know how to please a girl and what to do to make a girl happy. He is like a totally perfect guy which every girl want to be with. Shin Ae is the more passive and slow to warm up to people. She said before that she had been hurt in a relationship before, therefore causing her to form a protective shield around guys. The producer was smart to pair Shin Ae with Alex since Alex will be able to draw Shin Ae out from her shell and make her feel comfortable around him. Shin Ae was quite awkward being with Alex in the beginning episodes but we see her coming out of her shell and opening up to Alex through the episodes. Even though their relationship didn't develop as fast as AnBi (Andy and Solbi) Couple, we get to see the development in their relationship, which made this couple pairing more realistic for me. They behave more like a couple who just started dating and is trying to know more about each other and this make it more real since I find it quite abrupt for the celebrities to simply dive straight into the relationship and trying to pretend to be a couple right away before really getting to know their partner. I also like them in the black room, where they said what is on their mind best among all other couples. They are like more sincere and true to their feelings.
We Got Married Ep 2 - Alex & Shin Ae Couple 1/3 (credit to coolsmurf)

Crown J and Seo In Young is the forever bickering couple that brings humor. Its really entertaining watching them two bicker. Crown J is a really funny guy. He never fail to crack me up every time, from the push ups he does when he is agitated, to his obsession about the cleanliness of his shoes, to his random English words he uses when he talks. He's a nice guy as well, and I really admire him for being about to put up with In Young's demanding attitude.
Seo In Young acts like a spoilt brat, but she can be really cute at times as well. The thing I like about this couple is that they are really entertaining to watch. I find myself unknowing looking forward to watch their episodes as I know that they will bring a smile to my face every single time. Even though they are always bickering, they will always make up in the end. They are quite compatible together in terms of their fashion sense as both dress quite well. Both of them are also singers and both of them are really mindful about taking good care of their precious shoes.
We Got Married Ep 5 - Crown J and Seo In Young 1/2
We Got Married Ep 7 - Crown J and Seo In Young 1/3
We Got Married Ep 8 - Crown J and Seo In Young 1/2
(credit: coolsmurf)

Jung Hyung Don and Saori couple is like a couple who is forever arguing. They never rarely have any good memories together. They're like an old couple, on the verge of divorce, with the husband being nonchalant and having a heck-care attitude. I've watched till episode 8 of the show so far and I think that they should just get divorce. Jung Hyung Don rarely puts in any effort in the show. Half of the time, he is sleeping on the couch , doing nothing. Well, he tried to make up for it 1 episode, but it didn't really work and they ended up quarreling in the end.
We Got Married Ep 3 [Chinese subs] (Credit: fenchel)

You can watch most of the episodes of We Got Married on Youtube.
Just go to coolsmurf's channel for English subs and fenchel for chinese subs.
coolsmurf don't do the complete english subs for some of the episodes (he usually don't upload Jung Hyung Don and Saori couple) . So if you wanna view the full episodes and can read chinese, you can go to fenchel's channel.

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